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Maze Runner’s Dexter Darden & YT Influencer LazyRon Team Up with A.J. Draven To Learn How To Kick Somebody’s A$$

A.J. Draven partners up with “The Maze Runner” actor Dexter Darden and YouTube influencer LazyRon (over 1 million subscribers) and breaks down how to somebody as a means of defense in a brand new tutorial video uploaded on Draven’s YouTube Channel earlier this week. Watch here

Kicks are generally a longer range weapon, so you can make an effective strike with them from a relatively long distance.  One of the most useful kicks, is the ‘Front Kick to a Vertical Target’. As shown in the tutorial, the kick is executed with the ball of the foot to strike aggressively at the stomach, solar plexus, or even the throat or face, similar to a punch to the gut but using the foot instead of a fist as the weapon.

The goal is to do damage to an oncoming attacker, not necessarily create distance between the people involved in the assault.

“The striking surface of the ball of my foot is small, and thus it penetrates more than using my whole foot, which would likely do less damage, but would maybe stop an attacker or buy me some time before I make my next move,” explains Draven. ” If I chamber my knee up first and then fire my hips forward, I can throw a very effective kick, and then work my way in for closer range combatives, or even leave the situation if the kick did the job on its own.  Be sure to keep your shoulders relaxed, because if they crunch forward, you won’t be able to fire your hips as aggressively.”

Learn different Krav Maga moves via A.J. Draven’s YouTube Channel as he partners with various celebrities and experts teaching powerful and effective techniques that can save your life.

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