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SINGLE REVIEW: Summer Song by Marc Daniels

Marc Daniels is a country rock artist who hails from Spokane, Washington. “Summer Song” is his new single. It’s the second single from his debut album, “Starting Line.” That album came out in 2016. The song “Redheads” was the first single from the album. Daniels, however, stands out from the pack of current pop country artists for the singular passion he brings to his performances – while this might be, ultimately, an ode to good times shared with good people, Daniels treats the performance like his life depends on nailing it down and the fierce commitment he brings to every line, particularly the chorus, is impossible to ignore.

It’s catchy and hook laden with lyrics that make it clear what the song’s intentions are. Daniels, again, isn’t looking to remake the wheel here, but he really serves up some gutsy country/faux rock vocals that match up well with rollicking acoustic guitar and a hard-hitting, fluid rhythm section. He knows how to use his voice as an instrument – not separate from the song’s other instruments but, instead, as another key cog in making this work as a performance piece.

If we listen to this expecting some sort of discourse on the “way we live today” or philosophy set to 4/4 time, we’ll be disappointed. This isn’t that sort of exercise however. Instead, Marc Daniels’ “Summer Song” is cut to an ideal length that ensures it will entertain a mass audience and placed in the hands of a performer/vocalist who does a supreme job of carrying the performance and getting the material over with its target audience. There’s no self indulgence here.

Veteran talents like this know exactly what to do. Daniels has been around for a while, but he’s still young enough that it is pleasantly surprising to hear how he handles this performance with such assurance. He knows exactly what he wants to take from this material and what he can give to help elevate it. It results in a nearly peerless marriage of singer and music, the chemistry palpable, and the final results geared to entertain. Marc Daniels isn’t just some hack performer capitalizing on the popularity of a hot genre in music; his voice sounds born to sing this sort of material and, indeed, he grabs “Summer Song” by the scruff of the neck and makes it work for him from the first second to last.

Recording artists and performers like this are increasingly rare. There’s no paint by numbers nonsense or phoning it in here. Marc Daniels does play and sing like a man with his back against the wall, passionate, unbridled, but there’s ample talent here to suggest that he’s capable of excelling with any style he takes aim at. “Summer Song” is a spectacular single certain to earn him more than his fair share of attention and propel him to a greater level of notice than before.

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by Chris Lee

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