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SINGLE REVIEW: I Know You From The 70s by Trevor Drury

Trevor Drury, despite a burgeoning career as a top flight model, is far from just another pretty face. This is a prodigious musical talent in full blossom whose penchant for capturing the zeitgeist of multiple eras powerfully comes together with his own unique personality to make for a truly unique listening experience. His latest single “I Know You from the 70’s” fits the aforementioned description quite nicely and clearly reflects his personality while still providing listeners with an imaginative musical experience capable of establishing him as one of the most impressive young performers working in modern pop music. The musical journey he began at eight years old has brought him to a place where he seems ready and eager to walk among the biggest names today. Everything about “I Know You from the 70’s” screams winner and it is only a matter of time until Drury establishes himself as a truly global musical force.

The melodic keyboard shimmer opening the track is soon joined by straight piano flourishes that soon double Drury’s vocal. There’s a certain amount of distance lent to his singing thanks to the song’s production, but it never sounds forced or labored. Instead, the song’s sound imbues “I Know You from the 70’s” with a lightly theatrical touch that never risks heavy handedness. There’s little percussion to speak of beyond a distant, recurring pulse that nonetheless aids the song to turn from one section to the next. Drury’s voice carefully follows the melody but never with such lockstep predictability. The two elements work in such an appealing tandem that it isn’t difficult for listeners to be drawn in by their magic. There are scattered female backing vocals accentuating and softening Drury’s voice, but they never shift the spotlight from him and the juxtaposition of their competing sounds gives “I Know You from the 70’s” one of its most memorable qualities.

Drury’s voice aren’t typical pop pipes, but there’s a strongly emotive edge in his tone that balances out the ethereal nature of the backing track. He shows great instincts for knowing just when to bring some added oomph to the lyrics in order to drive home the song’s story. It’s a rather elegiac lyric that is, nevertheless, strongly grounded in the singer’s present and the emotional recall is clearly presented as being as strong as ever. The short lines are ideal, as well, and the same economy of style personifying the musical arrangement makes the words just as memorable and effective. Drury ends the song in a highly effective way – a slow fade out with his voice and backing singers repeating a single line until everything becomes silent. This is an exceptional track in every respect and sure to capture the attention of both music devotees and casual listeners. Trevor Drury is the proverbial real deal.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-know-you-from-the-70s-single/id1254674744


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  1. Beautiful!! A style all your own. Very good album. Can’t wait to see what else your working on.

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