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Did any event in particular inspire uou to write this song?

I wish we could say it was written in the stars and prophesized by the recent solar eclipse to usher in change as the shadow of the Dark Moon falls upon the Earth… but that is not what this song is about. Or is it and we just don’t know yet? Such is destiny, isn’t it?

Okay, seriously “Black Out The Sun” just sort of came together in a jam during a pivotal time for Dark Moon Apache. By that I mean we went through changes in members, music, and directions which can either break up a band or make it stronger. Christine had just joined the group, we became a three piece again, Hector started experimenting with darker guitar sounds, while Patric recently returned to NYC eager to hit the studio again. Although a whole batch of songs were brought to the table at that time, Blackout The Sun was the first one created together by the three of us. Even the opening lyrics (“Open your eyes, walk through the flames. Scorched by the sun, don’t feel the pain”) seems to tell a fitting tale of endurance and reaching for victory. What do those words really mean? Only Hector knows. Or does he?

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Yes. Already did that. You can check it out on Youtube by searching “Dark Moon Apache Blackout The Sun.” We even held a video release show for private screening before airing it public. It was also narrated by a talented MC because we don’t mind going over the top a bit. Clips from that show (and audience reactions to the video debut) can also be seen on our youtube channel.

How was the recording & writing process?

Both were fun!Would you believe we wrote it so fast that it was almost not recorded? Then when we did record it we screwed it up in such a unique way that the accidents sounded better than the original idea.For example, the whole instrumental sequence before the guitar solo was a complete accident we had to keep. The plan was to go from the march drum cadence straight into the solo but I don’t why what happened next happened. The intended riff wasn’t played. Instead something spontaneous and cool was strummed in unison by the strings. The drums reacted instantly so we played it off instead stopping to do another take. Totally winged it and knew what was happening was being captured in the recording studio on the spot. What you hear on that recording is what really happened. There was no way to do it again the same way, so in the middle of that take we just knew this was the cut. Then went home and learned what we played.The whole purpose of that session was to record what would become our debut album. Blackout The Sun was lucky to make the list. All of the songs from that session were recorded in real time while we played together. Of course more layers and editing happened later in the mix, but what you hear is the actual performance of a live band. Not isolated musicians tracking separately…

What role does NYC play in your writing? 

A Lot. It is our home. The three of us were either born here or grew up here. New York City is going to affect everything you do weather it makes you stronger or breaks you down. This city is saturated with artists. So much is going on at once. As amazing as it is to be a part of it, like every true New Yorker we do enjoy getting the hell out of this city as often as we can. But it’s our home.

Both Hector and Patric went to public schools here. Christine’s early childhood was here. We met the first hipster before settlers colonized Williamsburg. We went to the Twin Towers and remember them like it was just yesterday. Our art is influenced by New York because WE ARE New York. That cityscape of Midtown Manhattan passing over Queens Bridge right before the first chord is played during the Blackout The Sun video sent chills when we first saw it.

How has Smashing Pumpkins & Nirvana influenced your music?

Hard to say really. One day we Smashed a Pumpkin and it made a Sound in a Garden, so we said “wow…  let’s call this NewVana.”Okay, I’m glad they exist and made the impact they made. We all felt it. Music was very divided at the time those bands came out. It was either you listened to Hip Hop or Rock. Punk or Metal.As if you had to choose, but we liked them all. After the Seattle Scene exploded there was a whole variety of art to listen to. Soundgarden, Faith No More, The Melvins, there’s way too many bands to name.

In a nutshell (also a great song by the way) the three of us are just music lovers who came together talking about music and going to shows. Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins definitely influenced us a people. But it is hard to measure how it affects our art when all we’re doing is being ourselves.

Does your single mean we can expect a new album? – How’s that coming along?

The new single means you can expect TWO NEW ALBUMS !! But only one is finished and ready to be released. The album is done and will be released in classic cassette tape format which will include digital download cards. There is something nostalgic about cassette’s making a comeback.

Any tentative release sate or title in mind? 


We are planning a party at the end of September featuring some explosive bands and including our talented friends from Basement Dwellers. Remember that name, “Basement Dwellers.”

Plans for that concert are still being ironed out. This will be a self-titled full-length album of course.

Any plans on hitting the road?

Oh yes, definitely. We are returning to Boston on October 28th and we’re finalizing some gigs in DC and surrounding towns. With hard copies of the album to go along with our merch, we definitely want to hit the road more. Feel free to invite us to your hometown.

What else is happening next in Dark Moon Apache’s world? 

Writing. Lots of it. More music. More live shows. More road trips.More attending concerts. More Fun! Life can be interesting and busy so it is a Godsend to create this “Dark Moon Apache World” as you called it. A place to escape into our own bubble and be creative.

Hopefully we will have a new music video or two released this Fall. A world tour would be nice too.  I’d Love to have a short EP out for the winter to feature songs made after the album was recorded. We always write faster than we can record.

At some point we will release our back catalogue which consists of 30+ songs recorded at Continental Recording Studios and engineered by Mike Gevaza prior to making this album. We were a slightly different band with different players. So those songs will be shared at a different time because it’s a different story. Our upcoming album is also recorded by Mike Gevaza and mastered by Phil Duke at Continental Recording Studios. We can’t wait till you finally hear it.

And last but not least, thank you EVERYONE who stuck with us on this Journey (you did NOT stop believing)! We are just getting started 😉


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