INTERVIEW: Canadian Pop Artist Veronica

Q: Hi Veronica, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

A: Everything has been great on my end! Just working like crazy on my next Mixtape and promoting the V1 Mixtape!

Q: Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Money”?

A: My single “Money” is the first piece of work that I’ve released which has pushed lyrical boundaries. To me – it’s a diss track. “I don’t have time for your money” translates to I don’t have time for people who use money to try and make themselves feel important and even worse, try and impress me. Being independent in this music business can seem overwhelming because you’re competing with massive labels who seem to act like they have all the power. In reality, I find that independent artists have 100% control of their sound! We have all the power.

Q: Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

A: Its a great story how it came aboutactually. My producer and I heard from 4Korners, who was going to play one of my songs at a Raptors game, so we made our way downtown and had a blast. The moment 20,000 people heard my song felt incredible. We both were freaking out! (I might have been crying, it was a bit of a blur haha) After the game, 4Korners invited me to perform at his after party at Mason Mercer while my producer went home to work on new material. Around 3:00am I get a call from my producer blasting the instrumental and singing the verse melody! He was so inspired by the whole evening he had already created the base of the song! The lyrics… a bit of a different story. The next day, I found out another artist tried to go behind my back to steal a contact…that experience ignited this fire within me and the fire that was burning in my belly contributed to all of those “diss” lines.

Q: Any plans to release a video for the single?

A: I did release a video for the single, I’ll post the link here so you can watch it: We went down to Miami to shoot it and get all the cuban vibes we could get!

Q: The single comes off your new album V1 Mixtape – what’s the story behind the title?

A: V1 is the first collection of mixtapes I plan on releasing over the course of my career. Everyone calls me V, its become my nickname ever since I was little. Too many people mix up my name with Victoria or Vanessa so I just tell them ‘call me V!’ I’m working now on something with some spiciness for V2 at the moment which may or may not set fire to your speakers.

Q: Would you call this a somewhat conceptual record?

A: V1 is purely based on my life experiences. “Jungle” for example, was a song I wrote during a break-up with a on-and-off flame that I still wanted to hang out with but things were getting super busy with my schedule. “Trouble in the Jungle” was based on putting myself through a lot of trouble wanting this guy who I knew would make my life a little crazy. “Rari” was written about my first boyfriend who was the most typical player, with a ton of flashy things, ultimately burning me in the end.17 year-old me was so frustrated with him I could of just stolen his keys and blown up his Ferrari – literally (I was very tempted). It has been amazing to release V1 since it represents a voice inside of me that went against the good girl brand I used to be known for.

Q: How was the recording and writing process?

A: My team and I are perfectionists to say the least! It took countless hours recording vocals so every tone, note and melody were on point. We didn’t stop until we all saw the same vision and knew it was the best we could present.

Q: Would you be seeking for a new direction with this album?

A: New experiences are happening on the daily. My taste in music changes every hour! This album fit perfectly into the direction of the real me…Bold, outspoken, care-free, and unwilling to change for anyone!

Q: What role does Canada plays in your writing?

A: Some of my favourite artists from Jamaica call me “Queen of the Six”. I have been in the Toronto scene for about 8 years now working and collaborating with fellow Canadians. It’s a blessing to be a part of such a beautiful and welcoming Country. Many Canadian artists have helped shape my writing abilities and style of writing! It’s very fair to say that my hometown of Toronto and this country have shaped me as a recording artist and songwriter.

Q: Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

A: As I mentioned before, all the lyrics coincide with what’s going on in my life. In this business something new happens everyday!

Q: Any plans to hit the road?

A: I’m working on my life show – which is going to be crazy. I want to create a party wherever I tour and make my fans as comfortable as possible so everyone can be themselves. People will buy your records and stream your music when they believe in something you’re doing – so you must give them your everything when you are on stage singing their favourite song!

Q: What else is happening next in Veronica’s world?

A: You can find me working in the studio everyday, constantly on social media interacting with my fans and planning to take over the world.

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Twitter: @beingVERONICA

Instagram: @beingveronica

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