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For those who aren’t familiar with you or your sound yet, how would you describe it?

Thanks! We’re very excited to release this new song and our upcoming album. If you put Neu, David Lynch, the sound from a horse race and a soviet minimoog in a blender then you have a Norma soup. Since the start of Norma we have been very inspired by film music, we try to build a music scenery, often thru big atmospheric sounds and repetitive tunes. The upcoming album is probably our most organic so far but still with big part of electronic sounds.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Spectacular Bid”?

The idea is to feel like you’re in the middle of race track, horses are neighing, powerful legs gallop in full speed together with words from Spectacular Bid’s jockey Ronnie Franklin.

How did the single name come about?

Erik’s grandfather was working as a postman in the late seventies, he managed to save some money and went to the US for a vacation in 1978. In New Jersey he went to a thoroughbred horse race where he put his money on Spectacular Bid and won. Not to much but he could afford to rent a studio in New York and work with his arts for some time. Erik then found an old picture of the horse, Spectacular Bid going thru his belongings after his death.

How is the single related to horse racing?

We did not know so much about horse racing before that we have learned while shooting the video, which gear is used, weight issues, horse power, what characterizes a good race horse… We spent a lot of time in the stable and at the race track near Stockholm with some of the best jockeys in Sweden which are also acting in our upcoming video for the song.

How was the recording and writing process?

The writing and rehashing process was very long for this album, we all got small kids after our last record. We felt an urge to make song that also sound good live when only the three of us is playing. When we were ready we isolated ourself during full moon in the middle of the woods of Värmland in the old legendary Silence studio.

How different is this new single from your previous material?

The long rehearsing and writing process lead to a more organic sound compared to our previous records. The album is also probably the darkest one so far describing torn and broken characters, relations and darker fragments of the world.

What is your touring schedule looking like? Any plans to come over to the UK?

We would love to go play in UK later this autumn but nothing is scheduled so far.

Why should people pay attention to you? What’s special about you?

We don’t do half-hearted stuff, maybe we pay to much attention to details and is risking to be pretentious, which is why it take such long time between our records and videos. But we have a pretty special sound combing our kraut influences with samples and atmospherical, cinematic shoegaze.

When can we expect your 2nd album to be released?

Actually this album is our third album and the plan is to have it out by the beginning of next year. We move very slow, our last record was released over four years ago so while waiting you´ll have to check our back catalogue. But we will start work on new material already this autumn.

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