SINGLE REVIEW: Energy by ZupaNova

Three friends make up ZupaNova, led by the high fashion sensibility of Kimala. A star in her own right that gets everything else out of the multi-talented Davy Brown with all-of his engineering experience and ability to play anything under the sun, from drums to guitar and piano, all of which is very good at along with providing his production skills. He brings his classically trained virtuosity to the trio and it’s no less important than the others. Lastly, Rawcel is the other fashion side of their music and show. His background speaks for itself with the association to the Black Eyes Peas. They have a new single out but it’s their second one and it’s best to go back and look-into their first one because it has been a while and the two singles could not be any different to each other within the hip hop genre. They completely contrast each other so it is best to show both sides of them to be fair. You can get a better read on them and go from there, once the air is cleared for the current single. You’ll notice the said difference right away, so there’s no questioning this. But it’s all in the cuts and the videos they come with, and they both come recommended for their contrasting values.

“Energy” is exactly that, an energetic piece of ear candy that rocks, swings and motivates a dance floor with the best of ‘em. This can be used for anything from dancing to exercising or just kicking it. A jubilant effort is put in by all involved, to make a killer hit song that if I didn’t hear their current single I would’ve missed out on. I can be thankful for that much as a bonus to getting turned onto them this way. You can play this over and over without hesitation, as everything checks out for an overall track of perfection. There’s nothing negative to be said about it, but opinions always differ. The difference it all has taken shape with time to come out with “Where Dat Weed At” and present what is exactly the opposite in every way, without taking anything away from the trio. What is progress to some is not to others, and either can be said for this sing and the video that comes with it as well. It depends on what you like but this one comes with an obvious twist in what their first single brought to the table. There’s nothing wrong with that, and by the time you hear it you know why. It’s all in good fun and it delivers on the same level as their previous work. They should do an album but these days singles are in.

If you need to look more into them, Dion Mavath in 2015 would be another place to look. The prowess of front woman Kimala is astounding, and the three deserve as much praise for their talents and they do the singles thus far, but the more the merrier. They’re cutting the edges so far though, it’s still the beginning, but they prove to have a wide direction between releases. This could mean another direction awaits, and that’s what you get with them as they go. That’s not a bad prospect for the high caliber of hip hop they possess. And as far as fashion goes, ironically, it’s the green baseball cap I found to stand out the most. There’s something to appreciate for everyone if you look.


by Kevin Webber

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