CD REVIEW: Brand A Mania by Jamie Gazelle

In the inaugurations of Carter, Jamie Gazelle opened on the eclipse that day in Washington DC as he was then living in Maryland with new wife Roxi. About 50,000 people were on the lawns that day and the song “Open Window” shook the whole place, and a few girls were coming up afterwards who that band and singer was. A year later Jamie had moved to music city, Nashville, TN and he found himself a small tuna amongst whales and things did not go so well. Jamie is not really country and found the market was seriously overcrowded. After two years there he moved back home after having nearly everything stolen one night by evil roomers. More about him can be found in his bio.

His music can be found as something of a wide range of different gems that should be heard for their sheer range of genre coverage. And some of them are pop, some rock, some blues and even R&B. For instance, “Ready Up The Jet” is a fantastic energetic pop number with a lot of moxie. This isn’t a pedestrian sound by any means and it is also produced very well. You really get what he’s all about in this song, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot more to offer where he’s coming from. It should be looked close enough into in-order to find what’s really going on with the talent of Jamie Gazelle.

This can also be said for the track “Drop Dead Angel” with a more alternative rock sound to it, but equally as good as the former when it all boils down. The lyrics here are slightly better too, with some fantasy thrown in. It tells a story while it rocks away with much appeal for the masses, if he can reach them. It should get some airplay across nations from where it stands, but it demands more exposure. It sounds like a great track was written and recorded here, with the volume turned up to eleven and just letting it rip. It’s an amazing hard rock tune, but it’s refined for a more pop-weight feel. And a good track it simply is.

“Dragonslayer” tones it down a little with a bluesy sort of ballad. But this one could lose you after two such remarkably good tracks. It’s not below the standard of Jamie Gazelle, but it follows a slightly less well produced path. This song has everything he seems to be made of, and at the same time not. The vocal mix is low but the lyrics are excellent. Perhaps it could use a remix or something because the track itself is very good, sans the sound mix. I’d like to hear an updated version of this to give my final thoughts on just how good the song is, not that it takes anything but my opinion away with it.

There is more to talk about with the 2002 track “All The Love I Can” with its more serious approach. But that depends on how much energy you’re after. This is another slow groove with some good songwriting about it. Jamie has two albums that I’m aware of, this being on his first album Years From Home, but he also released the album Holy Dementia in 2005. Some of these tracks can be heard on the two albums and some of them via the internet, but to get the quickest results the latter is recommended, then buy the CD’s. Because this isn’t an average artist and songwriter, he’s just one that has yet to find his industry feet, so to speak.


by Kevin Webber

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