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INTERVIEW: Amber Ryann

Hi Amber, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Pretty good, thanks!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “For Real”?

That song in particular was actually a spur of the moment drop for the EP. Earlier this year I had met Airospace and within the first couple days we were collaborating on a track for his album (Nocturne). After that I had realized I loved working with him because I was able to vibe off his emotions and vise versa. That’s a rarity, most times there are multiple artists on a track going separate ways struggling to make a topic relevant or simply convey a mutual feeling. I knew I needed one track on the EP that I felt was a representation of where I’m willing to go as an artist and the things I’m willing to expose. I think there isn’t enough transparency when it comes to depression and the things we tend to push down. It’s important to find comfort somewhere, and I find that most with those that feel or have felt drowned by their emotions most times. The song in itself is truly about suppression, I’m sure that’s nothing individualistically special but that’s legitimately the point. I’m telling my story from where I’m standing, but somewhere along those lines it’s relatable to nearly anyone that can pick it apart.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

I wouldn’t say any particular event was a point of inspiration for this song necessarily. Although, I would say it was a series of events leading up to discovering the potential of collaborative lyricism. Late night conversations with Airospace made me reflect on the parts of my past that I am still affected by today, so in turn I was able to tap into those experiences.

How did the music video come together?

Slowly but surely, thats forsure. The thing is we originally had this underwater concept for “Peace of Mind” but once I had tracked “For Real” I had felt those visuals seemed more relevant conceptually. The video was set out to convey this place in between relief and a painful suppression. It is the rebirth and reawakening chapter of the series, so in other words a point of truth and self discovery. So the whole “filming under water” aspect was definitely more than just some cool visual to vibe on, it was a way of also conveying the physicality of being held down, frantic, and in other times at peace.

The single comes off your new album ‘Voice Memos’ – what’ the story behind the title?

Last year around July or so I was in Toronto literally the same exact time Drake was expected to play a show in the city. Let me just say, Toronto is Drake’s city and that in itself is unbelievable. I had seen what had felt like this entire city revolve around the culture of this artist and for the first time I had started to wonder what I was about and who I was. I was pretty salty after I released my freshman EP “Young Blood” because I felt so outside of myself and what I represent. It’s like I already knew when I released that piece of work I needed to find my composure quickly and move on because I hated my own content, it was so unsettling. I had spent the entire week or so just writing lyrics on my iPhone and every melody that came to mind I would record in a voice memo. Once I got back to LA I got right back to the studio to write some of the instrumental ideas I had been brewing in Toronto. I had dug through all of my voice memos at some point and came across recordings dating back to high school, so I placed audio of song idea I had written way back when and sampled that into what now is the single “Voice Memo”. The EP really became a this process of digging back into my past to figure out who I am now and where I really came from.

How was the recording and writing process?

Exciting, and immensely exhausting. I took it day by day, it was never a “I’m going to go in the studio and write every single day.” It was more like I had to take this hiatus between songs and live life to gain experiences to write about as I went on. I took in experiences from my past but also incorporated the world around me right now. I took a look at where I came from, who I grew up with, what it means to be a minority in this country right now and back when.

I went through a ton of material, trashed a ton of tracks, rewrote a ton of tracks. It was to the point where I was taking tracks back from my engineer just to add to them or change them. By the way I would like to thank my engineer Ruben Val Verde for being the most patient and hardworking individual, this dude had to put up with me and this record for a half a year.

Up until recently I didn’t have a lot of creative manpower behind me so when I got stuck I just had to wait it out, I couldn’t urge myself to keep digging and writing material I was unhappy with. Overall I am very happy with this release because I produced something inevitable raw and real, that was my mark and I hit it.

How has Lorde and Halsey influence your writing?

I wouldn’t necessarily say Lorde and Halsey have influenced my writing style because we are coming from totally different places. Although, I do listen to them both and would say they have been artists that my voice has been categorized with or compared to. I definitely feel like it’s easier to always say an artist reminds you of another so it feels familiar. It’s alright, I’m cool with that.

What aspect of love and relations did you get to explore on this record?

The way I tend to romanticize my sadness, curiosity, and my relationship with substances seems to be this ongoing theme in my music. What seemed very new to incorporate were the subliminal messages about our sociological stance and culture in this country which I had been feeling pretty heavy while writing. I touch on a lot of difference topics I’m torn between and although I have this place as an artist for self expression my main objective is to stay woke, haha.

Any plans to hit the road?

You know, I would love to. It crosses my mind every day and it is definitely a possibility for early next year but for the moment being I’m LA bound until I get these little independent artist feet up and running.

What else is happening next in Amber Ryann’s world?

Rehearsals with the band for shows in my city and single releases. Best believe I can’t stay out of my studio for more than like two days, so music being dropped is purely inevitable. Also just ordered my first batch of merch so that’s really really exciting.

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