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Music Cities
"Grand Ole Opry House -- Opryland Nashvil" (CC BY 2.0) by Ron Cogswel

America’s Biggest Music Cities

Music fans can travel anywhere in the world to see their favorite bands, artists, and even festivals. But what about visiting the places which made all of these acts possible or played a big part in the history of music? Let’s take you through a short biography of each of America’s most influential music cities.

Nashville, TN

We all know that Nashville is renowned for literally being called “Music City”, home to country artists and other talent which has made it big all over the world. Johnny Cash may well be the most well-renowned, which is why he has his own museum in dedication.

If you visit these days, you’ll find so many places to pay homage, from walking tours to festivals which bring in artists from all over the world, like CMA. You can visit incredible venues with a history living and breathing in their walls, such as the Ryman Auditorium. With museums, bars, and live shows galore, you’ll never forget where you are.

Los Angeles, CA

Heading to LA? Thousands flock every year, in the hopes of finding a record deal. Hollywood is crawling with musicians, and huge labels like Capitol Records call it home.

It’s not just the opportunities that LA can afford, it’s the history it holds, too. So many bands call it home, across many genres, but most notably rock. Los Angeles stars like Guns  ‘n’ Roses, formed in 1985, paved the way for true rock stars, with over two decades of rock bands following in their footsteps. Everything from attitude to activities have taken a leaf out of their book – in fact, you can even play a “G’N’R” themed casino game at Mobile Wins casino online, a slot featuring their original music as soundtrack.

New Orleans, LA

Widely renowned as the Birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans is a city which brought hope to millions during tumultuous times of the slave trade. Music and beating drums became a way to escape and feel free, even when this was not physically possible. It combined the jubilant music of churches, with African rhythms and beats to form an entirely new genre.

Jazz wasn’t born on one given day, it happened over time, thanks to a meeting of cultures, flavors and emotions. Its tempos and melodies are now familiar, and make us all want to dance!

Austin, TX

Austin, the world’s Live Music Capital is home to a so many venues and festivals, which have firmly helped it cement its name. Designated locations and events aren’t the end of things, either – 250 music venues still aren’t enough, with musicians and artists finding an array of creative places to perform, from restaurants to parks.

SXSW is an industry staple, a “who’s who” of the industry, as it were. Emerging artists and seasoned legends from all over the world alike gather and the performances here have a ripple effect all over the world.

Music Cities

Legendary Motown Studio A, Detroit” (CC BY 2.0) by olekvi

Detroit, MI

Motown was born in Detroit, and its story is just as interesting as the music. In fact, some research into the genre notes the influence of other cities all over the country. With roots stemming from migration, the new residents brought a mix of musical influences. Jazz, blues and the music of the church all play a part in its formation.

Interestingly, architecture also played a role. Unlike other cities, favoring high rises, the two-story houses available to Detroit residents allowed them the luxury of having a piano to play, which came to be integral to the sound.

America is a country with people from all over the world making it what it is. Its music is absolutely no exception.

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