CD REVIEW: Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket by Elliot Schneider

Let me begin by saying, by no means I had, have or will ever be in favor nor support the use of drugs. Especially those considered very strong like LSD. That being said, there’s no doubt that they have made a great contribution when it comes to one particular art: music. Oh, especially back in the 60s, some of the greatest genres like Psychedelic to (arguably) Progressive rock. Even pop music, as there’s no surprise those Beatles guy where always high when writing most of their classics. All this styles, unfortunately to your grumpy grandpa and parent but luckily for us the music lovers, have prevailed and they have inspired many other great and new talents throughout the years.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket by Bay Area rocker Elliot Schneider is a record that grows from both some dark and bright corners. In the same way as many artists used to make back then and continuously do to this day, the music most of the time doesn’t seem to fit the lyrics. But when they do in songs such as “Diehand Killjoy” and “Are We Only Dinosaurs”, they are often hilarious and somewhat clever (I really get this very high Weird Al Yankovic vibe on most of his singing). There’s a great throwback to the Beatles and Elvis Costello that impregnate this album, though it never feels as a rip-off but rather as it was actually written and recorded back then and just now we are getting enjoy it.

Personally I can see some people not fully going on board with this record and calling it outdated, it gets to a certain point where it feels perhaps way too niche and repetitive – though then we get songs like “A Key To You” that gives a louder spin to the album, especially with that cool solo in the middle. Sadly that song is actually the seventh in the record and at least you have some patience, you are most likely to quit and leave.


Criteria - 80%


Total Score

In the end, Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket for those people that are craving for new music that sounds like their old, classic vinyls and cassettes. This record and artist are definitely what you have been praying for a long while now. Others can give it a shot as well, though again, some patience might be required.

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