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INTERVIEW: Pop Artist Louis Torre

Hi Louis, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? 

I’ve been great! Keeping myself busy that’s for sure!!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Catch Me If You Can”?

Well “Catch Me If You Can” is what I like to call my empowerment anthem to myself. It is everything I needed to say to myself. It was my way of reminding myself to keep going & block out the haters or those who doubt me. It is a hard hitting futuristic EDM track with a lot of intensity. I really wanted to use this track as a statement piece. It wasn’t really meant to be a catchy pop radio record. It was just meant to say “follow me into this next progression of my career.”

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Yes. I tend to let myself be effected by people’s opinions & judgments. I let a bunch of people around me start controlling my actions what I can & cannot do to only realize those people were still not happy with me. So that was the point I realized some people will never be happy. You can never please everyone. It’s time to start doing things for myself & not waste my energy on negative people.

How was the film experience?

The filming experience was absolutely incredible. I flew out to LA to work with Colter Johnson of Lifted Films. He was extremely professional & had so many ideas for the video. We really connected & we’re always on the same page. It made the whole process only take about 13 hours in total. That was extremely quick considering we hit the Santa Monica Pier, Downtown LA , Hollywood Blvd, and Venice Beach. Also, anytime I get to visit LA is a major plus.

The single comes off your new album Clean House – what’s the story behind the title?

The story is pretty simple. It’s the mark of a new beginning. I “cleaned house.” I totally reevaluated my life & who was in it. Any negative energy or unnecessary drama was removed from my life. I surrounded myself with positive influences & people pushing me to be my absolute best. This album signifies a new life I’m aiming to achieve & the first step is the release of my first full length album.

How was the recording and writing process?

The recording and writing process is my favorite part. I am a songwriter first. I wrote all 11 tracks on my own with not one other writing credit. I love being alone with a piece of paper & writing out my thoughts on paper. It is very therapeutic for me. I love to create & use that side of my brain. I worked with a bunch of talented producers. I would contact them after hearing their work & tell them what kind of vibe & chords I was looking for. From there, they would send me something to write on & ide send back vocals & they would mix & master it. It was a very collaborative process. I had a great time with every producer on this record! I was very lucky.

After the success from your previous record, were you any nervous while working on this newest single?

I knew coming off of my covers & last EP it had to be even bigger. It was a little nerve wracking because I knew it couldn’t just be just another track. I tried to not put too much pressure on myself. I just asked myself “what story do I have to tell that people can relate to?” & “Catch Me If You Can” flowed right out.

What aspect of your life and career are you exploring on this record?

No topic was off limits in my sessions. On the record I go from talking about how blind love is, to exploring my sexual side, all the way to my fear of letting people in in love, to casual dating. There’s a track on here called “Silent Film” & it really focuses on depression. I’ve had my ups & downs with depression. I wrote that in a really dark place. It’s comparing how black & white & rehearsed my life feels to an old silent film. I really wanted to dig deep & bring interesting concepts to each song.

Any plans to hit the road?

That is my next priority. I am currently working on getting a band together who can travel with me. I will start in NYC because that’s where I’m based & then hopefully make my way around the country!

What else is happening next in Louis Torre’s world?

Next is about continuing to gain some blog support and radio support for the record. Getting it out to as many people as possible. I am also looking to break into the acting industry & modeling industry. I have been attending some networking events & have met some amazing people who are looking to help me do that. I cannot wait to get started on this next chapter. I drained all the bad energy out & it’s only good vibes from here on out!


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