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CD REVIEW: Euphoria by Cobat

Cobat is from Novosibirsk, Russia, and has been making electronically infused progressive rock since the late ‘90s but really got into the swing of things when the internet started to become more of an asset for musicians around the world to get their sounds heard. Years later he had his sophomore release, Those Who Dare Truly Live. On top of it Cobat also has his 2017 single, “Night Intruder.” Written about a night in which an actual intruder tried to get inside his home. Thankfully all that resulted was this piece of music. Electro-Prog it has been called among others, but it’s really-just good instrumental rock and pop.

This is an album which goes from sadness to euphoria and back again. The recommended ride begins with “Euphoria I” taking you through parts two and three after that, and the result is mixed but the album roller coaster is only just getting started. These three tracks are all different but fused into the same storyline for what can be instrumentally told. They’re all a bit melancholy throughout, but very interesting nevertheless. They do well in setting up the next track, “Bad Trip” for what is ironically better than the title itself suggests. The album picks up a lot with this number.

“Dreaming In The Thunderclouds” is what sounds like another story altogether. This is a beautiful cut with a true zen effect on the ears. You’ll want to hear this track on the headphones for sure. It has everything lovers of this mix of genres is looking for, regardless of where it fits into the context of this record. “Cold Crystals” follows with a hypnotic piano but it doesn’t last very long. What is does do is finish up the former track and give it some closure after you’re wanting more. It’s worth it just to hear these two songs together in succession by themselves, isolated from the rest.

“The 7th Heaven” is one of two album highlights, and it’s a monster little tune underneath the subtle but compelling guitar attack, which prior to, no guitars were even in sight. This is contrasted by the melodramatic “Sadness” which contains less guitar but keeps it interesting and tasty. It’s “Dare” that gets the nod for the second highlight, as it has the most going for it in every department. Anyone can dance to this, or simply not. It has everything this music is all about, and that is why it’s my hottest pick. The piano kicks up some more and the whole thing rocks and swings.

The album winds down with “Fusion” being the slightly better of the two for my money. It just bubbles along nicely after a lot has been paid on you, and it has an almost medicinal result. After being taken on such a ride this is like being hypnotized in a chair, with occasional flashes of being at the club. It makes good way for the last jam of the bunch, “2080” but it’s not the least, because this too gets you up and moving just when the whole ride is over. It makes you just want to ride again, and again. The only weakness is the softer songs outnumber the harder songs. Cobat has still made one of his best to date.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Euphoria-I/dp/B00TGVQKQM


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