How to Make an Amazingly Professional PowerPoint Presentation

Does a PowerPoint presentation ensure successful delivering of your key message? Most people think that way but this is far from truth. Depending on a content, PowerPoint presentation can be either a powerful weapon or a sharp stick, which might only hurt speakers and never help achieve what they want. If you want it to help you deliver your message and not to distract listeners, you should follow five basic pieces of advice.

5 ways to strengthen your presentation:

  1. Make a striking start: If presenters don’t attract attention of an audience from the very start – they will never attract it in the middle of speech. Start with a question, some striking fact or big picture, catching listeners’ attention and try to maintain it during the remaining slide – and you will succeed with that;

  2. Always put a slide with contents: Presentation and speech should both maintain a clear structure. If listeners observe it at the beginning, it will be much easier for them to follow. Don’t forget that your speech should also be logical and cohesive so they know why you needed to include this or that piece of information;

  3. Include schemes and frameworks: Sometimes a bright scheme may hold the same amount of information as 3 pages of a text. Even though your PowerPoint design template can be bright enough, good schemes and frameworks will always be to the point;

  4. Choose template correctly: Template should neither distract audience from what presenter says nor be too dull and tedious. Template should fit speech’s topic with its colors, expression methods, maps etc. Also never use trite solutions, which you’ve seen in other presentations. The more original is your presentation – the better response you will get;

  5. Finish with the main message you want to deliver: A lot of presenters finish their presentation with “Thanks for attention” slide but they all forget that the final slide is what your audience will bring to their homes. Say “Thanks for attention” to show your politeness but leave your final slide as a message to listeners.


Is that enough?

Success of any presentation never depends entirely on its quality. If you get best slides in the world but you cannot make an attractive speech – your audience will sleep to the end. Make a couple of rehearsals, know the structure of your presentation by heart, and always make connections between what you say and what you see on a picture. Plan your performance to details and your listeners will catch all you want to tell them. Anyway, you are not preparing a PowerPoint presentation, you use it as your weapon to deliver the speech’s message to your target audience.

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  1. Keep it Simple
    Limit text.
    Use high-quality graphics.
    Have a visual theme, but avoid using PowerPoint templates.
    Choose your fonts to make your ppt more clear

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