INTERVIEW: Motivational Global Leader Rikka Zimmerman

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Come Together”?

“Come Together” is the heart-felt story of the travesty that occurred in Orlando, Florida at Pulse nightclub on June 12th, 2016 when Omar Mateen shot forty-nine people.  When the news fell that it was the worst shooting in US history I was devastated.  I felt my heart cry out, “This doesn’t have to happen!”  I know that if everyone knew that they could heal their broken hearts with forgiveness, then everyone would feel that they were loved and no one would be able to harm anyone or anything.   I set out to create a song that the world could sing together to stand for forgiveness and heal the hurt that is causing this violent behavior in the world.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song? What led you to write a song based on this particular event?

It would be my hope, my heart’s deepest wish, that this song could empower enough people to choose love and forgiveness that we could create a crack in the cavern of darkness that allows anyone to harm another.  As that light of love shines through that crack into that darkness of pain, they glimpse, even for one overwhelming miraculous moment, the truth of how loved they are.  And just as they’re about to strap that bomb to their chest or load their weapon they feel that light of love in their heart, just long enough to make a different choice.

Choosing forgiveness and love changes everything.  I have worked with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world teaching them how to choose love and forgiveness.  In every instance when one person in any situation chose to forgive, everyone involved changed.  I know the power of forgiveness because I have watched it work in my life, and the lives of my clients.  If enough of us chose forgiveness we could end all of the violence that is existing right now on the planet.  This is what I have dedicated my entire life to.  It is not only important, but I believe it is imperative for humanity’s survival.

People who perpetrate these kinds of terrible acts have been hurt in their past.  They have been a victim to similar violent acts and are now acting out that violence into the world.  When tragedies like this happen, your gut reaction might be to condemn and judge the person for what they’ve done, but that doesn’t create a different outcome.

What if what every perpetrator truly needs to end their bad behavior is love?  What if we allowed ourselves to realize that inside the perpetrator was a hurt innocent child that had something similar happen to them, and that they are unconsciously doing what was done to them… to another?  Would we further condemn that child, telling them that they are bad or evil and don’t deserve to be loved?  Will that help the situation from occurring again?  No.  They already believe that they are bad, evil, wrong, and don’t deserve to be loved, or else they wouldn’t have been able to commit the act in the first place.  Our only option to end the violence is to choose to love and forgive.

Forgiveness doesn’t condone or support bad behavior – it ends it.  Part of choosing love is protecting love.  It’s protecting the love in everyone.  You can forgive Omar for what he has done and in the same moment claim that this kind of behavior is no longer allowed on this planet.  This is choosing love.  When you choose love by claiming: “This kind of behavior is no longer allowed in my house, in myself or on this planet.”  You are including Omar in your intention.  You are coming from a perspective that Omar also deserves to be loved and to end the violence for him too.

We are taught by society to fight for peace.  Fighting for peace doesn’t work.  It’s not peaceful.  It just continues to perpetrate the energy of war.  Does that make sense?

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Yes, and it would need to be very well done.  It’s such a delicate subject.  I would want to create something that truly honors the victims and their families.  I’m not yet sure what that is but I’m sure it will come to me.

The single comes off your new album The Miracle – what’s the story behind the title?

I am a walking talking miracle.  On May 19th, 2015 at 3:23 pm I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma cancer and was given 8 weeks to live.  When I was faced with the possibility that my life might be taken from me, a burning passion ignited in my heart like an uncontrollable wild fire.  I knew that I had not set my heart completely free, nor expressed this pure love I truly am, through music.  I realized I had been playing it safe, that I was scared to love as much as I do.  I begged Source to give me the miracle of one more chance at life.  So that I could express, experience, and give this miracle of transformation through the deepest parts of my heart, through music, to the world.  The Miracle is the expression of my dying wish to love as much as I truly can.  I am infinitely grateful that I have the blessing of life to get to share it.

Thanks to western and eastern medicine, nutrition, and deep spiritual work using all of the tools and processes that I have given to my clients, I am now cancer free.

Through the process of facing the potential end of my life, I realized how much of an enormous gift being alive is.  Life is a miracle.  Do you realize that 4 trillion things had to go right in our bodies in this moment for us to take a breath?  That’s a crazy miracle!  And you know what I wanted to do more than anything with every moment of the rest of my life?  All I wanted was the opportunity to love.  And that loving was the true meaning of life.  Love was the only thing that mattered, and love was the only thing that was real.

It transformed me to experiencing life being an enormous miracle that I am infinitely grateful for.

How was the recording and writing process?

When I embarked on this journey of creating this record with Isaac and Thorald Koren from The Kin, who have opened for likes of Pink and Coldplay, I wanted to create and epic soundtrack that would transform people’s lives. Music to Lift their vibration, open their hearts and inspire them to live their most beautiful life.  In my first meeting with Isaac and Thorald I told them that my intention for this album was to create 12 different transformational bridges that would awaken the miracle of life and love within each listener. We were all excited to begin creating together.

I wanted this record to be transformational.  Meaning that as someone listens to the songs they transform in some way.  My process for song creation is much like a mediation.  I connect with the earth and my higher self and give all of my awareness to the love in my heart and begin listening.  I wonder and ask questions with an open mind and heart and listen to what the song, my heart and my guides want to say and I write every word from that presence of love.  It feels like a collaboration.

One of the keys to successful songwriting for me is using the question to receive the information.  I would ask questions and begin listening to the infinite ways that I can create the song.  I feel into my heart, and what my intention for the song was and ask, “How can I get the listener to experience _______.  What stories, words, or metaphors, would help the listener experience this?”  When I wonder about anything the information comes to me.  This is my process for songwriting.  It feels more like a co-creation with the Universe rather than me creating it.  My other rule for myself in songwriting is to never judge myself or the song.  Judgment stops receiving and creativity in its tracks!  If I begin feeling that the words are coming from my mind instead of my heart, I walk away.  I know if I continue creating the song from my mind I’m about to ruin the song.  When that happens I stop writing, and do something else and come back to it later.  If you follow this formula, there are no brick walls.

One of the questions I asked myself in my writing process was: “If this were the last album that I would ever write, what would I say?”  I wanted the music to give people my new found perspective of the gift of life.  I wanted the music to transform the listener.  That intention led me to the edge of my heart, pondering what was most important for me to share. I came up with 17 transformations that I wanted to offer.  This translated into 54 song concepts. As I kept asking what was most important for me to share, I narrowed it down to 12.  These are the 12 songs that are on the album.  For example, I wanted to walk someone through the transformation from thinking that love comes from outside of you (from someone or something) to knowing that they are the love.  For them to end the search for love and to know that they are what they are looking for, so the song “I Am the Love” was born.  In the same way, I wanted the listener to experience to feel whole and complete, to choose forgiveness, to stand for love, to be in unity, to surrender to love, to embrace the magic, and to cherish the miraculous gift of life they have been given.

I also included an energetic secret sauce!  Within the lyrics there are affirmations that will act as catalysts to expand the way they experience their life.  Under that, are 60 layers of vibrational healing tracks from my classes that are barely audible.  These tracks balance people’s chakras, increase the energy in people’s bodies and dissolve old emotional content that is in their energetic field.  (See photograph from GDV machine.)

How has your background as a speaker influenced your music and the other way around?

I would say that my experience with being a speaker, author and coach have highly influenced my music.  Having worked with hundreds of thousands of people to transform their lives I know the miracles that are possible.  I’ve watched people move from homeless to over 100k a year.  I witnessed healings that dissolved illnesses and diseases.  I’ve worked with someone who was a diagnosed multiple personality disorder with 13 different personalities to now be one person, I’ve watched people move from clinically depressed to happy, I’ve watched families and relationships heal and transform, saved marriages, friendships, avoided suicides.  I know that miracles are possible.  And that these miracles aren’t something that happens to them.  The miracles are something they are.  Each one of us IS the miracle.

What aspect of miracles did you get to explore on this record?

Albert Einstein said, “There are two ways you can look at life.  One is as if nothing is a miracle.  The other is as if everything is a miracle.” I choose to see the magic and miracle in it all.

In this record I explore the miracle of love and being loved.  The miracle of life and the gift that we all have.  The miracle of surrender and the magic that gets to show up when we let go.  The miracle of feeling when your life falls apart to re-write your past and then no longer have to repeat the patterns.  The miracle of forgiveness which ends the hate and violence that is occurring on this earth.  The miracle of surrendering to love and finally letting love take over one’s heart and life.  The miracle of merging into the beautiful love that is everywhere in everyone in everything.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes!  I am planning on taking this music to Unity Churches and personal development workshops around the world.

What else is happening next in Rikka Zimmerman’s world?

In the midst of running my seven figure personal development business, helping people transform their lives and training coaches, making music videos, and writing new music, I’m writing my next book; “The Self Divined Soul.” Which will lead readers through how to release all of the definitions that are holding them back and re-divine their life into a dream come true!

You can get your free copy of my first eBook “Returning Home to Love” at

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