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INTERVIEW: Leave The Universe

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Cameron – We’ve been busy but doing really well!  We’re in the process of filming a second music video for the N.W.O. ep while at the same time finishing up some new tracks for future releases.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “N.W.O.”? 

 Kalin – Yeah for sure! We just dropped it a week ago and we’re really excited about it.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song? 

Cameron- We have never been a political band, so this was not intended to be directed towards politics.  It was written the day after the election but that was just a spark that ignited something that had been growing for a long time.  The song is actually a direct attack towards the love of money in the world. I believe that most of the world’s problems have revolved around money when in the end the value of money is all really imaginary. In basic theory, if we could destroy money, it would set us free. This would most likely cause great chaos at this time, but none the less I’m in love with the idea.  The idea of a new world order to me is when people can learn to focus on what is real and important in the world and not so much on the love of money.  Only then could the up and coming generation create a new world.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Kalin-Yes, we actually filmed a video while living in London.  The video features all of the members of the Dead 30 collective that were living in London at the time.  This was before Jordan had joined LTU, but all the collective members are playing instruments or dancing in the video. The next video we are filming right now is just the three of us in LTU.

Why naming the album after this track in particular?

Cameron-Our artist collective’s name Dead 30 comes form the numerical symbolism of 30 representing a perfect cycle, and the idea of killing that cycle.  Our dream is to come up in a new generation that breaks the cycle of how the world has been going and create a better world.  We chose this as the title because we felt it not only represented the E.P. well, but it is an appropriate way to introduce Leave The Universe and the Dead 30 collective to the world.

Kalin- I don’t like the concept of an idea that’s deemed taboo, or a concept that people don’t talk about. The “new world order” was like ghost outside the house that people blamed for the bad things in the world. I liked the idea of redefining the words, and allowing it to become a positive concept. A giant change on the cycle, like Cameron said. It just fit the whole theme of this E.P.

How was the recording and writing process?

Cameron-The recording process was life changing.  We were living in London at the time and were completely finding ourselves as artists and people throughout the process. We had been experimenting with our sound for sometime while in London and these three songs were the first time it all clicked together.  We knew this was what LTU was supposed to be ever since it was conceived and it felt so relieving to find a true sound that was a direct reflection of what we wanted to say. We’ve been recording new material ever since and can’t wait to share even more of who we are with the world.

How political-charged would this record be and what aspect of politics did you get to explore?

Cameron-I’ve always seen politics as a giant game played to benefit a handful of people.  I’ve always found it hard to find hope in the current system no matter who is in power, but this last election was especially bleak.  N.W.O. is not directed at anything other than the entire system itself.  I’m personally over playing taking sides as both sides usually leave little to be desired.

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Cameron-The first verse is drawn from a biblical metaphor about religion and government. I am not religious, but I have always liked the prophecy of the harlot and the beast.  I’ll leave the rest for people to read into.  I also drew a lot of inspiration in this song from learning about how the monetary system has come to work in the world over the years.

Any plans to hit the road?

Jordan- Yes, we will start making plans for that as soon as the first EP is out. We want to be able to play live for as many of our fans as we can in as many places as we can.

What else is happening next in Leave The Universe’s world?

Kalin- We are in the process of filming a video for a song called “If You Find Me” off of the N.W.O ep. After that we will be finishing up tracks for a second release and will be filming music videos to accompany that as well.  We will also be starting a vlog for the Dead 30 collective soon, and will be starting live shows ASAP!   

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