CD REVIEW: Inaugyouration by Jaq Lion

Hip hopper, Jaq Lion, has been able to absorb a variety of styles to incorporate into what he does. An eclectic style rolled up into his rhymes allowed for his latest EP, Inaugyouration. A singer that takes inspiration from a variety of places including the opera stage, this unique artist truly brings more to the table than himself. He notes, “I am also able to riff soulfully through notes and words to better convey the emotion in a track.” That emotion can be heard thoroughly as well as on his latest single “Forest Fires.” He’s performed across Los Angeles and Orange Country with High Sunday and Genocide Entertainment.

A worldly rapper always brings more to the table, and Jaq Lion delivers just that. An EP with some great jams that all check out on the top shelf for what they are. There’s no wasting time as “HI In L.A.” comes on nicely with Dirty Grim adding spot-on action to what is already a fine track. There’s no stopping this duet from breaking out, as it’s one of the stand out songs on this cutting edge hip-hop release. It goes to show how much Jaq gets around and is willing to work with others to produce first rate music that pulls no punches in the process of being globally accessible. “Beautiful” is even more evidence of that, with a ballad that would make any soul singer or rapper’s head turn. The harmonies are awesome and they match every tone with perfection. He raps around about a fine lady that’s so damn beautiful it makes him crazy. You can play this all night long, and it never gets old. You can call it what you want to, but this one is pure soul for the ladies to slow dance to, and perfectly made for just that. It’s the sleeper track of the EP if I were to choose one. This really is where I got the most mileage out the entire EP, and that’s a compliment to it as a song, no matter who by.

But it’s not over till it’s over, and things get harder from here with a universally jamming piece entitled “Put It Down” which is a rolling on the west side chant with some of the highest energy on display. If you like lyrics about driving through the hood and chilling with your friends, talking about the goodies which aren’t advocated by everyone, and boasting all about it is your thing, then this is for you. “Instagram Hoes” is the weakest track of the bunch. “Forest Fires” is another one of the finer moments too, which is the single and well chosen to be. The thread of excellence starts to completely speak for itself at this point. “Ode To America” takes the EP out on an epic note indeed. This could be placed anywhere on the disc and be just as comfortable as it is at the end of the show. If you don’t hear the others you shouldn’t be able to even question “what’s behind the curtain.” As for me, that’s what’s this EP is all about, and the smooth jazz elements are the topping on the entire piece of cake that this EP is, especially if you like the topics Jaq Lion raps about in his clever, subtle, mellow and majestic ways. These are all great jams, but you’ll have to step up to the plate and devote the time or you’ll miss out on Inaugyouration.


by Mike Tabor

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