Hi fellows, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Chloe: Great! Thanks for having us.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Draw Me A Line”?

C: Draw Me a Line is a song we wrote quite early on in the project. It was one of those tracks that just came together really quickly. All of the ideas for it felt a bit ramshackle at first but we threw them all together regardless and then, when we stepped back from the song, we realised they were working. The result is that it’s an unabashed song that (I hope) leaves an imprint a listener can’t easily forget.

Mat: I remember sending you this Chloe and it being your least favourite of the bunch! So it sat in the walk-in song freezer for weeks.

C: Oh yeah! Hard to believe I ever had a problem with it.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

C: It’s a song about being on the outside looking in, about pushing people’s’ boundaries and about not being able to take no for an answer. I see it as an explosion of a song, figuratively and metaphorically speaking. If this song were a thing it would be one of those big, angry frustration punches that you hurl at a wall and then feel immediately embarrassed about.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

C: Not right now but we may well shoot one in the future.

How was the recording and writing process?

M: I’d had far too much coffee when ‘draw me a line was written’, i recorded a bunch of ideas and just sort of glued it together with caffeine.  It’s a great one to play live too, constantly sort of flipping between tension, nuts and a cowbell.

C: Musical ideas don’t always come quickly but like I said earlier, this track just seemed to fall together. Mat and I wrote a lot of this track in separate places, we bounced ideas off each other from a distance and then, when it started to feel right, we came together and felt a mixture of excitement and mild shock over what we’d created.

Would you call this a departure from your previous musical projects?

M: Not so much a departure, more of a progression i guess. I’ve always written what I’ve wanted to write and written stuff that’s just come out, rather than deciding on a musical outcome or being like ‘’I want to write a song that sounds like this’’ etc etc.. One of the many many things i love about working with Chloe is that she loves 99% of what i send her! We just seem to gel so well together as writers, and friends of course.

I know Chloe you started in a Riot Grrrl’s band – are those influences still present on this new project or are you somehow straying away to other themes and sounds with this band?

C: We’re all the products of our influences, my history has shaped me I have no doubt about that. I wouldn’t say there is much I feel has been carried across to Tiny Giant in terms of style but I certainly have inherited the attitude and ethos I learned from that time, which is to create without fear of what others might think. The act of being true to your creative self is more difficult than you might think, fortunately it was an approach I adopted at an early stage in my career and I’ve never let go of it.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new album – how’s that coming along?

C: Yes, you can. We’re currently finishing off our debut album and we’re really proud of how it. We can’t wait to have a complete body of work out there that people can explore. I’m proud that we’ve produced a record that, as far as I’m concerned, really doesn’t sound like anything else out there.

M: All the years I’ve been writing and working on other people’s music and now finally it’s going to be so nice having an album’s worth of material out.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

C: We’re keeping that under our belts for now.

Any plans to hit the road?

C: We have UK shows and festivals dotted throughout 2017 (they go up on our website). We’re hoping to tour in 2018 and to get to Europe and the US.

What else is happening next in Tiny Giant’s world?

C: We just shot our first video which is for our next single. It’s coming out on Black Pig Records and it’s a little stylistically different to our previous single releases. Oh, AND we’ve started writing our second album.

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