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CD REVIEW: Songs For Mixed Company by Thunderbolt & Lightfoot

One of the greatest elements from old school music has to be the way how many of these great artists and bands find the way to blend all their voices together and create this pitch-perfect harmonies. There’s something almost thrilling, haunting and incredible about similar or different voices singing in unison. This becomes more exciting in some particular styles, like in our next case, Folk. Its kinda like the genre demands this to be done at least once on a record. That way you can look for any old Country or Roots album and you will notice there’s at least a duo in pretty much every record.

Songs for Mixed Company brings back those glorious days, the stripped down acoustic music driven songs feels very intimate. The way Sarah Fuerst and Phil Barry blends in songs like “Let’s Be Friends” it feels so iconic. There are some great layers of Fleetwood Mac, Johnny /June Cash and Damien Rice.

“Miss Me” adds more instruments that gives more power to the music that accompanies these two great artists. In the following songs the band adds other layers and elements that keeps every song fresh and interesting.

However, personally I found their more stripped down and simple songs rather exciting, those were they rely more on their vocals rather than the music, because by the time you finish listening to entire album, you will have to agree with me when I say there’s where the power, the amazing talent of the band lies – though as everything in life there are some exceptions, “Sad Song” and “Year of the Monkey” being the major ones.

There’s literally nothing wrong with this album. Like mentioned before, with every song Thunderbolt & Lightfoot just seems to evolve. The way they build this harmonies doesn’t cease to baffle me. For those who have an open mind for music and aren’t very niche out, would find many reasons to love this group.


Criteria - 100%


Total Score

Overall, Songs For Mixed Company is hands down, one of the greatest records to be released not only this year, but in a very long time. Please go and follow and listen to this band, they are one of the greatest and most rewarding hidden secrets in music right now. If you miss the days when music had a meaning and it didn't felt so computerized as in present, Thunderbolt & Lightfoot are those "messiahs" you were desperately looking for.

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