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SINGLES REVIEW: Mistake / Treasure Island by Kama Ruby

Kama Ruby is billed as something along the lines of a jazz artist. Given the two songs here on this single, that seems pretty accurate. I’m guessing that jazz purists probably wouldn’t consider this jazz. I’m not one of those people, though. Besides, this isn’t billed as jazz necessarily, but more jazz-related.

The first song of the two here is “Mistake.” While I can appreciate the talent involved here, this really doesn’t grab me at all. It’s just kind of boring to me. I suppose a lot of that is that it’s not my chosen style of music. Still, as I said, there is a lot of talent displayed. The thing is, this is originally by Moby, and I’m not a fan of his music, either. So, it missed me on both counts.

Next comes “Treasure Island,” and again, this is very far from the type of music I like. It works better, though. It’s got some good lyrical imagery and a decent song structure. It’s a bit on the lackluster side, but not nearly so as the first cut was.

I think that these two songs are well done. They just lack a bit of energy in my opinion. If you don’t require a lot of rocking vibe to this, though, you will probably find plenty worthwhile here. It’s definitely well done. I suppose a snarky way for me to say it is, “I’m sure this is well done. I’m just not sure it is the kind of thing that should be done.” Now, that misquote from Sheldon Cooper of “The Big Bang Theory” isn’t at all fair. Certainly there are people who think this kind of music is clearly worth doing. Everyone needs a little snark in his or her day, though, so I’m providing the daily dosage with that little tid-bit.

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by Steve Rafferty

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