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5 Gambling Movies You Haven’t Heard Of

There are times when you may want to escape to the world of possibilities a casino has to offer, but time and resources are limitations. The adventure that a casino brings is second to none, and with the today’s technology, you can bring the action, suspense, and drama right into your living room. There are loads of great casino movies and you probably have seen blockbusters like The Gambler, The Hustler, Casino,Casino Royale and Ocean Eleven. While these are often featuredas part of the top 10 gambling movies lists, there are a few unknown titles that will equally amaze.

Let’s explore each of these hidden gems below:

  1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a road trip movie starring Johnny Depp that starts off as a journalistic journey, but ends with a spree in Las Vegas. Johnny Depp diverts from his venture to cover the motor cycling race by exploring the glitzy life  in Las Vegas. Depp’s appetite for psychotic drugs and the fast life is quenched when he meets a hitchhiker who offers him drugs and connections to rent a convertible Chevrolet Impala. The two, however, start having problems and they play cat and mouse with the hitchhiker threatening to expose Depp for his use and possession of prohibited drugs. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas did not perform well at the box office, but is certainlya great watch with an intriguing stortyline.

  1. Rain Man

Rain Man is a gambling movie starring Tom Cruise. Cruise plays a young selfish gambler known as Charlie Babbitt, who in the hope of inheriting his father’s estate, is left disillusioned by being left out entirely of the will. In an effort to make something out of his luck, Babbitt turns to the one thing he knows best: wheel dealing. During the course of the movie, he gets himself in and out of debts while at the end, he meets a loyal friend known asDr. Bruner who he forges a strong relationship with.

  1. Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes is a comedy film about two brothers who become enemies after one brother wins a slots jackpot with borrowed money. While trying his luck at the reels, Richie Maxwell empties all he has and asks his brother for some cash, who happily lends it to him with the hope that he will continue his losing streak. However, as luck would have it, Richie hits the $400 000 jackpot with the first coin. The two brothers get into a battle for the larger share of the winnings and in an effort to make Richie cease his own share, Evan pranks Richie but the consequences are nothing like he had in mind.

  1. The Croupier

The Croupier is an investigative flickthat marked the emergence of Jack Manfred in the acting industry. An aspiring writer who is striving to live by the book is faced with big temptations, some of which are orchestrated by family members including his father. Jack soon begins to be sucked into the gambling world and indulges in drinking way too much. He also romantically gets involved with co-workers which were against company policy. Jack is hired as an inside man for a robbery, but the end is not what he had in mind. This makes The Croupier is a must see directed by Mike Hodges.

  1. The Cooler

Last but not least is The Cooler, a romantic comedy film starring William Macy, Alec Baldwin, Maria Bello and Shawn Hatosy. William Macy plays Bernie Lootz and finds himself in a huge debt crisis with a ruthless and cruel mob boss that he cannot repay. Lootz however, manages to pay off a huge chunk of the debt, before Alec Baldwin, playing Shelly Kaplow, breaks his kneecap. When Lootz informs Shelly of his desire to leave Las Vegas, Shelly connives with a waitress, Mari Bello, to convince Lootz to stay. Maria Bello and Lootz fall in love leaving her deal with Shelly in danger. The Cooler is no doubt a must see movie for every gambling movie lover.

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