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INTERVIEW: Seasonal Beast

Hi Yuval, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Been good! Thank you! how have YOU been??

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Dry Bones”?

“Dry Bones” is a very special song on the album. Not only because it features Sasha Daniel as a guest vocalist. Its probably the most intimate song i have ever created, both in its writing, and presentation.   

Did any event, in particular, inspire you to write this song?

I wouldn’t say an event per say, but its not hard to guess that it was written at a time of a break up. Or to be more precise, at a time of healing from a break up. 

To me its about the moment that you think that you might actually start having new feelings for someone new, but at the same time being paralyzed by the fear of being let down again, which could send you on an even steeper downward spiral.

So yeah… Sorry to be so ordinary… but I’m afraid this is another broken heart song…

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Maybe in the future. Right now I’m working on a music video for our next single, so be on the lookout!

How was the recording and writing process?

This is one of the rare occasions where things just went smoothly and effortlessly for me. It took me maybe 10 minute to write this song,  which again, never happens to me…I recorded a quick guide with my vocals on it. A couple of days later I was hanging out with Sasha, and I asked her to replace my vocals just to see what it sounds like with a beautiful female voice. We just hit record, she sang it once, and there it was – The first and final vocal take for Dry Bones! Wether or not it was thanks to the impromptu nature of this recording, I thought that it came out so tastefully honest and raw, just simply laying the text and melody with no extra drama or unnecessary gestures. I knew that this song doesn’t need much more.

I asked my brilliant friend Daniel Koren to write a string arrangement for it. The following day he was ready to show me the parts. I expected some process of exchanging ideas and revising the parts, but none of that. what he showed me was perfect. All that’s left is to put a string quartet in the studio, and hit record. After a couple of read throughs and one take, we had it. Im really proud how everything just fell together in such a smooth way. Id like to think that’s proves that all the ingredients were right from the first place. 

How much does filmmaking influence your music and the other way around?

Im not sure about filmmaking, but films and images are definitely a strong influence on my writing and production aesthetics. I was scoring films since i was 16 years old, so i always had an affinity to this way of thinking about music. I used to listen as a kid to a lot of movie sound tracks that left a strong impression on me. I have a very vivid memory of being a very young boy, and listening to Zbigniew Preisner’s soundtrack of ‘The Double Life of Veronique’.  To this day I’m trying to chase the feeling that it gave me then. 

How did your studies back in Berklee influence your writing?

When I went to Berklee I had zero idea of who i was as a musician. I wasn’t one of those kids that were musicians since they were 3. I was always playing the piano and grew up around musicians, but I was an autodidact for most of my childhood. Berklee was the first time that I actually studied music seriously. At first I was very overwhelmed and intimidated by the immense talent that surrounded me. I would sit in the piano practice rooms, hearing all of those jazz monsters practicing around me, and it got me really frustrated. But as soon as I started focusing on composition, I was reminded of what it is that actually attracted me to music from the first place, which is to find my own voice as composer, song writer and a producer. Life as a musician can make it very easy to lose track of that,  so i still try to remind it to myself every day. 

How’s your new album coming along?

The album is basically finished! Its called Muscle Memory, and It is now being mastered and soon it will be released!

Any release date in mind?

The album will be released on October, Friday the13th! We will be celebrating it with a special release show in NYC at the Rockwood Music Hall, which has been sort of a home for us in the past couple of years

Any plans to hit the road?

Most definitely. The details are still TBA, but I’m hoping shortly after the album release.

What else is happening next in Seasonal Beast’s world?

At the moment very busy with completing this album and all the other elements that come with releasing it to the world. It has been a very long and winding road, as someone once said… This is the final stretch of it, and i couldn’t be more excited! I can not wait to share the music video with our next single, and the rest of the songs.

Check out “Dry Bones” here – https://soundcloud.com/seasonalbeast/dry-bones-1

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