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INTERVIEW: Bastian Bux

Hi Bastian, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Pleasure! Great, thanks. It’s been the busiest year of my life but I’m happy and thankful for that. Hope it gets even busier!

Can you talk to us more about your latest track ‘Satara’ on Suara

Satara is the first track I’ve released with Coyu, undoubtedly the most essential guy of my career as Bastian Bux. He has been supporting me since the very beginning and we started working together in the studio some months ago to remix Florian Kruse & Henrik Burhard’s “Raise Your Glass”. The experience was super interesting and the outcome was exciting so we decided to create some originals. What made “Satara” so special for me is that is was written without any intention, just flowing. I learnt a lot while creating this song.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

Not really. As I said before and I think I spoke about it on my socials, the best thing of “Satara” is that it was born magically, we never planned to do a track like this. The thing that inspired me the most was Coyu, when he told me to not overthink too much while writing music. I’ll never forget how inspiring the days we spent creating this whole EP were for me.

Any plans to release a video for the track?

Sadly no. I would love to work on a professional video for one of my tracks anytime in the future, I’ve always thought about it because I feel curious about the video world. Both Coyu and I have and will use it in some of our after movies though…

How was the recording and writing process?

Coyu came to my studio full of ideas, as always, speaking about his recent experiences while touring and stuff. We actually took one or two references as a guideline, but after less than ten minutes we were walking on our own path. The first thing we wrote was the melody of the first half of the track. I remember I was not really confident with the guitar sound, but Coyu aimed me to go forward, and I ended falling in love with it. The rest of the track was done organically and super fast. It was so good to not feel stuck a single time. We did the whole idea in less than one day, and we spent just one more day to mix it and fix things here and there.

What made you want to dive into this particular style?

Nothing. I didn’t want to make any concrete style or genre, it appeared organically in front of us. I always say that if I would thought too much about Satara’s genre before creating it, I would ended up not creating it at all. The only thing I wanted, as always, was to not repeat myself in the studio. I dropped a whole career because of tiredness after self-repetition. I won’t make this mistake again.

Where did you find the inspiration for the music on this record?

I guess that there’s an exotic mix of influences on this record. In one side, I can feel some Berlinese flavour around the beats of the track, you know, Ostgun Tot-ish dirty and hypnotic groove elements floating around a fast but at the same time lazy rhythm. But at the same time I feel a strong presence of ethnical, natural and organic influences coming from all my non-electronic musical influences; specially during this last year where I’ve spent a lot of time discovering unknown and rare crossover artists and its work. And for sure, there’s a 50% of Coyu’s imprint in there, who has his owns inspirations and ideas.

What are your touring plans this year?

To survive the summer is my biggest plan! hahaha. Never toured this much. I really love it, but I live it intensely, I try to discover every city and place I visit and it is exhausting sometimes. I’ve been in America, Asia, Oceania and Europe of course, and there are plans to keep discovering places all around the globe over the next months. But I guess that the highlights of the summer will be Tomorrowland, Mysteryland and the Ibiza season at Amnesia with Elrow which is now in the full throttle.

What else is happening next in Bastian Bux’s world?

Maybe what excites me the most is the amount of music I’ve been doing. I’ve been collaborating with great artists during this first half of the year where I’ve been quite silent in terms of releasing music. My debut in the legendary Bedrock with an EP alongside Lee Van Dowski, another one with the swiss rising star Several Definitions, more stuff alongside Coyu, my new solo EP on Suara that will have amazing remixers… And of course: to keep learning, touring, growing and enjoying this beautiful journey.

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