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Improve your memory: steps to take when your memory lets you down

Hey, did you know that there are annual World Memory Championships? In case you think that your memory is way too bad to take part in an event like this, we’ve got good news for you. There are ways to make your memory better.

  1. Diet

You are probably quite familiar with the situation: you study all day, go from class to class, do essay writing assignments… there’s just no time to eat properly! And after you get back home, you start wolfing down whatever there is in your fridge, even if it’s well past 6 p.m. Recent researches show that dietary regime effects the way your memory works. When you eat during the times people usually spend sleeping, it damages your long-term memory and slows down your brain activity. This means that your chances to absorb new information decrease. That’s not good for your courseworkwriting!

Tip: Don’t eat at night. Normal dietary regime is useful not only for your body, but for your mental health as well.

  1. Forgetfulness

It’s hard to believe, but this can actually be something that helps you studying. Surprising, right? Forgetting is the way for your mind to clear some space to store new information and, as a result, to work more efficiently. Fortunately, or not, we can’t control the process: our brain decides which memories we won’t need any more without our consent. But your short-term memory is what you use when you prepare for your exams or do coursework writing assignments. Also you can use сustomwritingbee.com to get extra help with your assignments.

Tip: don’t fret about being forgetful: this is how you become open to getting new knowledge and skills.

  1. Mood

It appears that your emotional state is one of the most important factors when it comes to using your memory. For us as humans, it’s much easier to process information that fits our mood at the moment. That is to say, when we are in a really bad mood, we memorize some negative things. This works the other way around as well: it’s easier to remember something when we feel the same emotion we felt when memorizing it. Maybe that’s why it’s sometimes hard to remember some things at an exam.

Tip: if you learn to control your emotions, you’ll be able to manage your memory.

  1. Profession

It’s a fact that speakers, news anchors, teachers and scientists — in short, people who often have to read texts and memorize them have great memory capacity.

Tip: your memory has to be trained on a regular basis. Do you know what is one of the best way to memorize something? Writing it down! So as a student, you have plenty of opportunity to both improve your writing skills and your memory. Reading and learning pieces of texts (or poems) by heart will boost your memory.

  1. Gender

Did you know that men and women memorize things differently? They use this widely in marketing, for example, when planning a layout for clothing stores or magazines based on what their target audience is.

Tip: No, you don’t necessarily have to change your gender, but remember one thing: when you are trying to promote a product, mind your target audience to keep the demand for your product high.

  1. Musical instruments

It’s a known fact that listening to classic music helps boosting your memory. Butdid you know that playing music and creating your own music gives your memory even a bigger boost?

Tip: do you remember that time you were dreaming of starting to learn how to play a guitar? It might be a good time to start.

  1. Physical exercise

There are lots of reasons to be physically active on a daily basis, and improving your memory is one of them. It’s been found that only 20 minutes of physical activity makes your brain work better, especially that part of it that’s in charge of your memory. Your memory becomes much better as soon as after a week of active exercise!

Tip: use sound memory in a sound body. Even the smallest physical load will help you to memorize and process much faster and more efficiently.

Whether it’s expressive writing, jogging, playing music or keeping a special diet, it’s not just your ability to memorize things that you’ll develop. It’s good to know that, when trying to improve your memory, you improve yourself as a whole, right?

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