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-Hi Drew, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Glued to the studio, so I’d say pretty great!!

-From all the songs out there, why did you choose to cover “What A Feeling”?

I performed the song for my first live show on the XFactor, and it became a highly requested cover to release as a studio single. I love that the song has the lyrics and melody of a ballad but had always been performed as an upbeat song. That gave me room to reconstruct the song and interpret it as something emotional and raw.

-How was the recording and writing process?

I’ve been recording so much for the last 6 years that I can go in now and maneuver through it rather quickly. It’s been really great discovering my tone by exploring so many genres. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunities to work in such great studios while I’ve learned my own limitlessness vocally.

What a feeling was refreshing to record because I truly just performed it as if I were debuting the song in Madison square garden or something!

-Does your approach change when you’re covering someone else rather than working on your own original material?

Yes, it does. When I’m covering someone else, it’s not only important to me to make it unique to who I am as an artist, but it’s also important to me that I carry forth the story that the original artist wanted told. That’s the way I’d want it to be for someone covering my original music as well.

-What role does Nashville play in your writing?

Nashville has a quality of people that are very honest. I try and carry that authenticity into the lyrics I create here. Atmosphere absolutely plays into the music being created.

-How’s your new album coming along?

It’s been great! I love that I’m at the point in my career where I’m able to identify whether something works, or just absolutely doesn’t. I’m not afraid to scrap a song, or multiple songs, if I know it’s for the bettering of the music I release.

-Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Not yet, but I will be letting the world know shortly I hope!

-Would you call this a departure from your previous record or a follow up?

I’d say it has reminiscent features of the last album, but more maturity and exploration as I’ve grown as a person. That’s the way it should always be.

-Any plans to hit the road?

I’m always on the road, or rather in the sky. I calculated almost 88 flights in the last few months! I should be jumping back into touring as the summer comes to an end. If you go to my website Therealdrew.com you can find any information on where I’ll be next.

-What else is happening next in Drew Ryn’s world?

For now I’d like to finish the best album possible so that I can continue to connect and reconnect with the world through my music. I’d really like to see myself going out of the country with my music in the coming year.

Thanks for chatting!!

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