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Hi Oriion, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’ve been doing good! I’m back in the studio with producer Lindahl and we’re working on some new tracks. We just can’t stop.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Live Another Lie”?

Of course I can! Well, the story is about a young girl living with a someone who ultimately put her through that lie. She is literally seeking escape. Just like I did.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

The story of my heart happened. I fell in love with someone and this person put me through that lie. When I left, I got replaced by someone I know. This hurt so much. I mean, how do you explain a heartbreak, if you know what I mean? It had reached a crucial point where I decided that this story has to be told as a way of processing and coming to terms with what was happening in the moment. I thought to myself, this is how I am going to express my heartbreak – through Live Another Lie. Moreover, this heartbreak made me explore and question different perspectives, not just mine, but also the one that broke my heart and their new partner.

How was the recording and writing process?

Oh, it was pretty intense! This song was basically written in 2015. Funny, as I thought it would become a piano ballad thetime, ha! And then one day I was in the studio with my producer Lindahl, Emanuel Bender and Karolina Schrader and I felt the urge that the song needed to be heard and so I decided to leave room for collaboration.

How has Prince and Sade influenced your writing?

I mean, this is a simple yet difficult question, Vents! I grew up with a lot of 80s music – Sade, Prince, Freddie Mercury, Terence Trent Trent D’Arby, Janet Jackson and many others. Let’s say what inspired me to go is not necessarily about the music I listen to, but rather the everyday, such as being surrounded by certain people, being inspired by certain situations and reflecting on past experiences. I would say it is most definitely an amalgamation of a lot of factors coming together.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Oh H… Yeah! We are aiming to release my next single in September and I am super excited because you will discover a different shape to Oriion’s heart and music!

I understand this is a conceptual record – what made you want to do this?

When Oriion and I became one, I realized that there is so much to talk about and that somehow, resolution is everyone’s goal in life. I have so much left untold that I decided to start with the most relevant chapters in my life.

What themes would you be exploring on this record?

In relation to the sound esthetics, the sweetness of the kalimbas yet the ruggedness of the base is one example of the description of my emotive bittersweetness in this case.

This record definitely talks about the uncertainty, fears, nostalgia and the craving hunger that all of us have experienced in some way or form.

Any plans to hit the road?

This is our next step! We’re actually in the midst of our live show preparation.

What else is happening next in ORIION’s world?

As much as I could write about my day to day healthy lifestyle, as this is a path I’ve chosen. Currently, almost all my life revolves around Oriion, such as songwriting, singing, producing, reading, researching, conceptualizing and taking plan of action.

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