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CD REVIEW: Politically Incorrect Songs Vol. 1 by Danny Gee-Goju

From Dublin, Ireland, Danny Gee comes with a lot of controversial lyrics in tow. Politically Incorrect (Shut The **** Up!) doesn’t seem to change anything about him in that department, but it does hold much merit if you ask me. And most adults should agree, and that is why it comes recommended, but for adults with a sense of humor and overall likeness for music, of course. It’s nothing short of amazing how he blends serious music, not so serious music, comedy and a variety of musical genres. Forget about being careful about what someone has-to say and how they say it using any platform to do it, and this is likely for you.

It has much to say about a plethora of issues and that might not sit well with some but, it succeeds nevertheless, because it draws you in fast enough to tell it’s going to be a quality ride, whether you get off on the lyrics or not, as-long as you love music. That’s just a fact that goes above and beyond opinion if you buy this. I wasn’t offended by any of the language, but if it’s not your cup of coffee, you’ll be reaching for something else. The track list is very long and almost reminds of a theater show because of the comedy within. That is only one of the features of the featurette, which goes in several directions. And to take a guess concerning the musical influences of Danny, he seems to float somewhere between Bobby McFerrin and Frank Zappa. They’ve used their skills in the political and comedic area just the same, and let’s just say Zappa would be the best guess between them. One of the things I like that he throws into the words, is that he is also into the martial arts. This is just one of the twists you’ll like or not, as he tries your patience with all the creative language. Going through all the tracks would take up too much space for this review, but most of them aren’t too bad and some contain some excellent musicianship.

Some of the tracks call for the superb musical treatment they get, and others have no need for it. For instance, “Pig Of A Man” gets pretty naughty, but it fits the script if you can handle it or not. The duet factor is what keeps it interesting for the most part, but she makes the song so fantastic you get off on that alone. This isn’t for the weak, but it’s a killer track and there are some that don’t play out too adult themed to escape the mainstream, but that is few and far between. “The Gigolo” is one of best moments, once again because of the backing vocals coming on very strong and soulful enough to set the harsh lyrics aside.

You can dance to it, and the guitar and keyboard playing deliver on some of the songs, with the rest playing second fiddle to the lyrics. When he raps, sings or speaks, it is all kept together by what is a legitimate piece of music. Select a number like “Geraldine” if you want to hear one that doesn’t get too dirty, for one instance. One thing about it that is guaranteed, you will laugh if you’re of the right age group to be hearing Danny Gee. You might want to check out some more of him, but starting is no more a crime than everything he has-to say.

BANDCAMP: https://dannygeegoju.bandcamp.com/album/politically-incorrect-songs-volume-1

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