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CD REVIEW: Pleasure of Music No. 4 by Atsou-Dohke

Looking at the word “liuto” would confuse most, as it’s not one of the more common instruments known round the world. Saying though it’s in the mandolin family starts to reveal the style and sound it can convey. A sound and style that Dohke, Atsuo learned to lve over time for a variety of reasons. Today his love has turned into quite the passion as he’s teamed up with pianist Yamao, Atsuko to form quite the musical duo. The two will present a show November 26, 2017 entitled Pleasure of Music No. 4. An attorney today, Dohke was once just a young man with music running through him. With that he was instructed in the late ’70s by celebrated mandolinist Mr. Hiramaya, Eizaburo.

That is just some background on Dohke, but the music takes more looking-into altogether, as it isn’t a popular music artist. The liuto is an instrument he plays well, and it can generally only be found in classical forms with this being one of them. And if this is for you, then you’ve come to the right place for it. Make no mistake this is hardcore in its own nature, but anyone can enjoy it is they get exposed to it. That’s is the most important thing to get across in spreading the message about Dohke. He’s an excellent player, and I’ll start with saying “Bacchanale” is an amazing display of ultimate proportion. I was so blown away by the performance on this I had to listen three more times to completely wrap it around my head. It’s that good, the kind of thing that is normally considered old fogey music, turned into a crossover of higher magnitude. It’s a complete contrast to what others like “Adagietto” and the similar “Arabian Song” song have-to offer. They’re two that stick more together, if you’ve heard them before or not. But you can be new to all of it and still pick up on the grand efforts. But you have-to like and give attention to the quitter factors in any music to indulge your time in this.

But once you do, you’ll be pleased, as Dohke is a master in his own right, if you ask me. I don’t know if that’s the consensus among the masses, but I don’t think he has reached them but hopefully he will. I think it has potential, and coming from me that is saying a lot, because although I’ve written about some classical music, I don’t often even come across anything quite like this to be giving it an opinion. I feel it has the ability-to change all thought of not knowing from, and did so vastly when I took it all in. Just give it a try and see, you won’t be disappointed you did.

“J. S. Bach Violin Concert No1 1st Movement” can be heard in all its glory, mandolin style. This is done very well, and with great respect. It gives an idea how serious the performance in November will be, without detracting any from who’s performing it, but rather adding to the traditional classical music excitement. This movement alone is a testament to everything they play, and I can’t find one flaw in it to say the least about it. But it doesn’t mean it’s all there is to Dohke, as you can tell there is so much more, and it is all compounded by Yamao Atsuko, to top everything off.

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by Kevin Webber

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