Hi Todd, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

GREAT! I feel a new resurgence in life. My world was turned upside down since the last time we were together. In January, New Year’s Day, my father passed away…and it really shook my entire being. So, I had to pause my life, make sure my lovely mother was straight, and had to regroup my personal life. But now, I’m back in the saddle, ready for another wild ride.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Tear Down The Walls 2”?

“Tear Down the Walls 2”, is just the sequel to, of course, the original, “Tear Down the Walls”. That’s some breaking news right there…lol But, seriously, in this world that we live in, where so many are focused on building up walls, I’m really trying to tear them down, while attempting to spread a message of love, inclusiveness, and faith to all. There are many kinds of walls, that we build. There are walls of racism, sexism, segregation…in church we have walls of denominations, and then we have personal, inward walls, that we build within ourselves. Instead of dealing with issues, it’s easier for us to build walls. Especially when we don’t want to confront issues, or differences, so that we don’t have to deal with them. But I’m a firm believer, that in order to move forward, we need to confront issues, and embrace differences, so that we can all move forward together. We need to deal with, and tear down the walls, of our personal issues, from mental health, depression, unforgiveness, and so much more. One of the main reasons that we can’t show love to others, and that we build these outward walls, is because we don’t love ourselves, and have these inward walls.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song? What made you want to make a sequel?

“Tear Down the Walls” really began to take the nation by storm. But many, commercial, and secular entities, shied away, because of the religious connotations. They loved the message of unity, inclusiveness, and togetherness, but because of certain “rules” they couldn’t promote a “gospel” song. I’m a songwriter, who believes in the message in the music, and that music is for all people. I knew that if the genre changed…the message would be more widely accepted. My mission as a Christian, is not to continue to always shine my light (Jesus), in an already illuminated arena (gospel). But to share this GOOD NEWS with a dark world, that needs the light. So, the song, the marketing strategies, and everything changed, to reach, not just one particular section of people, but to an entire world. That’s why we put a hip-hop spin on the original, and “Tear Down the Walls 2”, was born.

How was the filming experience?

AMAZING!!! We had a BALL…figuratively speaking, & literally. The artists were excited, the basketball teams were pumped, & the extras were energetic. John Cook, and CK Productions, is 1st class, in everything they do, and this video was no exception. To see the ideas, and initial concepts, develop, come to fruition, was nothing short of breathtaking. The gym, at The Burlington School, was transformed into a studio, right in front of our eyes. This was a fun shoot.

How was the writing and recording process?

It was fun to collaborate with these amazing artist. I have observed, the grind, of these young artists, and knew, they were right for this record. I am now in a season in my life, that I want to give back, and give others opportunities to get their talent, and brand out to the masses. The first thing that I did, was contact the amazing, Cedric Thompson, Jr. (“CJ”) to create the beat. I’ve been following, Ahmod Goins (“Mod-G”), for a long time. I absolutely love his energy, and his style, so I knew I had to have him in production. The other three, Bryan Carter “Young Saint”, Paul J. McKeithan “PJ”, and Jermaine Watts “Megawatts”, were a no brainer. These boys, are what these young cats, say, are “hungry”! They bring a different vibe, different energy, and different flow, to make this collaboration pop! There was no drama, no egos, or anything… just love, and support, while recording, and you can feel it. All I needed to do, was share my production thoughts, and Ahmod Goins (“Mod-G”), went to work. The entire process was hype.

How does your faith influence your writing and music?

In short…my faith, is everything. God gave me a gift to write, produce, and be creative…and I’ve learned to embrace my gifting’s. I want my music to impact the world, one listener at a time, and really change some lives.

Does your new single mean we can expect a new album – how’s that coming along?

Lol…no album…but who knows???????????

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes… we will begin our radio tour real soon. Stations, all across the country, are already showing us love…but we have always liked to personally meet, and shake hands, with those that play my music. We’ll have several “legs” of the tour.

What else is happening next in Todd Curry’s world?

Well…as many of you know, I am the pastor of St. Peter, The Rock, in the Eastwood Community of Pinehurst, North Carolina. That obviously, has the majority of my time. I’m just looking forward to my continuous outreach work in the community, in schools, and abroad. The original, “Tear Down the Walls” just won two awards, the Rhythm of Gospel 2017 Contemporary Christian Worship R&P Song of the Year, as well as the Contemporary Song of the Year. So, this message will continue to be part of my mission. With over 100,000 views from this new video, in just a week and a half, We are really excited about what’s to come. “Tear Down the Walls 2” has hit the charts, and is in the company of MAJOR hiphop & R&B artists. Doors are opening, and I’ll continue to be that voice, for this generation.  This TDTW movement, is about banding together as one team, to break down both our internal walls that hinder our growth and progress, and the external walls that separate and divide us. This is the life of TLC.

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