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CD REVIEW: The Major Motives by Danny Nardini

Hip hop’s newest sound is the angst fueled flows of Upstate New York artist Danny Nardini. Danny’s inspiration comes from the burning desire to rectify his family’s break up and spiral downward into poverty. At the age of 14, he was working to support his mother, younger sister and younger brother. Discovering the power of music and rhyme was the pathway out of darkness for his soul and maybe for his family. Emotions born from the harsh realities he faced fill Danny’s lyrics and rhythms with a fierce presence that can’t be denied.

You’ll agree with that and more once you hear “Don’t Act,” if you love modern hip hop love songs. It’s a big sounding single with all the bells and whistles. This is an artist who’s not living in the past, but keeping some of it by him for good luck and it can be heard all over this cool track. It starts off spicy with some effects, and once he’s into it it’s pretty much over. He lays it down about her with moxie, never insulting but very suggestive about how to roll. But it does get a little risqué, although it’s very PG, yet sexy enough to get the point across. This is guaranteed to hypnotize.

The single comes from the EP, The Major Motives, which is full of the same high-level content. Tracks like the epic “Zeros” and “WYM” prove to cruise right along with this, but “Don’t Act” itself has the most going for it as a single. Good choices always help, and he’s listening to the right people if he’s taken any advisory on that. This music is explicit but only in the adult subject matter way. There’s no curse language and that is the difference. It still has some youth values even with that being the case. Others on the EP might not.

Rapping about jack rabbits and Chuck Taylor’s isn’t explicit, but it does get into some overly intimate parts. It’s hard to rate something from the single perspective unless you’ve heard the rest of the release, so the EP should be heard as well, to add or contrast to its surrounding tunes, most of which add to this song. He’s carrying on about how she could be famous, but it’s Danny himself who sounds confident enough to handle any fame that comes his way. It puts him in all the-more position to lecture anyone to “Don’t Act” but be for real and put your money where your mouth is, so the speak.

These are just some of the qualities to be heard by an up and coming new hip hop artist from New York with the world at his feet. It will take some more time to get to where he’s headed, but this single as well as the EP are making his own footprints to get him and his music to the world. It takes work, and going all the way is job one. Danny Nardini seems to have that down and be well on his way. This proves to be the ticket he’s bound to get there with. Not everything is easy, but he makes it sound like a cake walk. Pick up a copy and don’t miss “Don’t Act” while you’re at it.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/danny-nardini/id1119810768

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