SINGLE REVIEWS: Burn Baby Burn & Real Cool Cat by Robert Caruso

Robert Caruso is a singer-songwriter-guitarist-multi-instrumentalist based in London, UK. He started in Italy in his early teens as Rob Leer (& The Electric Kids). From the beginning he performed original material, rooted in the Blues, ’50s Rock ‘n Roll, ’60s classics like The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix, and Punk Rock acts like Johnny Thunders, Ramones and Sex Pistols. Starting from his hometown of Cosenza in South Italy, he moved first to Rome and then to London. He toured all over Italy and his early material is now collected on the album Rob Leer &The Electric Kids. More original music can be found on his Three Minutes To Midnight album from 2016, as well as two recently released singles in 2017 to keep him going. “Burn Baby Burn” is the first single and a good one, but the second of the two “Real Cool Cat” might even be better. This depends on your speed of rockabilly, because they clearly round out with different energy levels. If his influences can get away with riding the rollercoaster of ups and downs, then so can he. With everyone from the Velvet Underground to the Sex Pistols coming out of his sound, you can’t deny his choices of influence unless you don’t like punk rock, and even surf and garage rock. And being from Italy, you’d never know it because he disguises that pretty-well by sticking to the rockabilly script and coming out clean in the voice department. A good piece of evidence of that can be found on his Yardbirds cover, but he goes a lot further in expressing himself on his originals. Just pick up Three Minutes To Midnight for proof of it. Then you’ll get a better perspective of these two singles, and want to know more about his music background of which there is so much more to than meets the ear. But starting somewhere is the point, and these two cuts can light the way as they stand up to anything he’s done.

“Burn Baby Burn” starts off steady and never really picks up, but it does hold its own, even though the promo video on YouTube doesn’t seem to enhance the song very much. This isn’t a problem for the tune at all though. Perhaps the video serves as the necessary evil so many see it as here. It doesn’t seem to matter by the end of the song if you watch it or not. This is still a decent cut to whet the appetite and get your blood boiling for more, but it’s limited to more of a warm up if you go for both singles. Because it gets better where Robert Caruso is concerned.

“Real Cool Cat” takes things to another level, and so does the video for it. But once again it is the music that does the business, and an overall better effort is made on this one. You get more musical adventure for what he’s capable of, and it leaves you wanting more of the latter and less of the former cut, even though they both rock. One just swings harder than the other, so, it’s a matter of getting the best of both worlds on these releases from Robert Caruso. They will leave you looking for more of his songs, most to be found on the internet, and most equaling the quality of these singles. The high point being his songwriting and the only low point the production/engineering.


by Kevin Webber

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