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CD REVIEW: Throne Motivation by SkoolboyBliss

Straight out of Colorado bringing you an innovative now sound mixed with a lyrical assault that will have you listening to both the music and lyrics. SkoolboyBliss features Jason who is a director, actor, performer, humanitarian, hustler, artist, writer, philanthropist, dedicated to bringing realness and awareness back to the community. Edgy innovative lyrical artist painting pictures thru sound on Throne Motivation. This is a release that deals with the hard life of crime and death going on around him with relatives and friends. It takes you through the ups and downs of it all. And if features some guests.

You know a good rapper when you hear one, and the more they carry a message the harder it gets across. If you’re going for strong language this is for you, but even if you’re not, it’s outstanding in its own field to any keen ear. I wouldn’t put it on at the fitness center unless everyone was as cool with it as it is cool, but there are plenty of hairs to split as to why. This isn’t your granny’s rap but it isn’t the most hardcore around either. But looking more into it, he’s so much more than a rapper it’s a wonder he’s doing it besides the fact that he is uber-talented at it. This doesn’t feel like just a personal-opinion that way. Just listen to his voice. There is something special going on and it’s obviously because of his background giving him so much to rap and sing about. If you look around on the internet you can get a glimpse into it beyond Throne Motivation, but it’s not required to agree he’s good at what he does and lives and means every word. “No Limits” begins with a story told about pain, by boxing champ Mike Tyson. It’s about getting yours, and living life to the fullest with zero barriers placed upon us by others. His story is anyone’s who relates just the same. It contains an equal amount of undeniably awesome singing and rapping.

It’s now a time where people are getting too offended by the smallest things people say and do, that it takes even more guts to speak out with explicit words to get whatever’s left of that freedom to do so. The warning sticker is enough, people are going to hear what they want to hear. “No Turning Back(feat.Greystorm)” is one of the highlights of the CD. But there are no fillers on this tightly packed eight tracks if you like slow or fast jams of the old skool meets new skool sort. The following is the sweet track “Comeback” with its tell tale of a climb to where he now stands, and anyone should if they’ve been working hard at it.

Don’t miss “Higher Place(feat. 4th Quarter Ent)” for all it’s worth, big sound and all. This is where some of the action picks up the hardest and the beat tracking gets off the charts. It is a great track to loop if anything on the list qualify for the endless play. This plays over and over like an unbreakable record. If you’ve never heard SkoolboyBliss, it’s also a point to make that “Lipstick On My Collar(feat. Greystorm)’ is also another highlight, which rounds out much together with them and others like Jewelz and Christina Dahl. All of which turn in excellent contributions.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1196507461?ls=1&app=itunes

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