10 Easy Tips for Looking Better in Your Photographs

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Photographs are long-lasting images that may be seen by huge numbers of people. This is why most of us want to ensure we look our best when we are captured in a photo. Whether you are posing for a traditional photo or whether it is a phone camera photo headed for the world of social media, it is always a good idea to be familiar with how to make yourself look better. Many people hate having their photos taken, as they feel they look unattractive in photos. However, there are tips that can make you look better and feel more confident.

Some of the tips that can help

There are various tips that can help if you want to ensure you look better in your photographs. Some of the main ones that you will find invaluable include:

  1. Avoid the double chin: As many of us know, it is dreadful to be captured on a photo only to realise that you have a double chin. This is something that can be easily avoided if you know the photo is being taken. Simply elongate your neck slightly and push the face forward just a little. This should help to tighten up the chin and eradicate that double chin effect.

  1. Get your eye makeup right: When it comes to photos, eyes are one of the key focal points. You should therefore make sure you get your eye makeup just right. Use mascara and curl your eyelashes to accentuate the eyes on the photo. Also, make sure you open up the eyes when the photo is being taken.

  1. Don’t wear mismatched makeup colours: Some women tend to wear foundation makeup and powder that is darker or lighter than their natural skin tone. This is a big no-no for photos. When the flash hits your face, any unnatural colour on the face will be even more obvious. You should ensure that the colour you choose is properly matched to your natural skin tone to avoid this problem. You can find the right makeup for your skin tone at discounted prices on OZCodes.com.au, utilizing their lucrative coupons will help to keep a tap on your monthly budget.

  1. Get the smile right: If you tend to grin widely when your photo is taken, you can tone it down with a simple trick. When the photo is about to be taken, smile and put your tongue behind your teeth. This will stop you from opening your mouth too wide, so you will be able to post with a smile rather than a huge grin. This is also ideal if you don’t have the best teeth, as it means that you are less likely to open your mouth wide and reveal your teeth on the photo.

  1. Use some spray-on shine: Your hair can come out looking very dull and lifeless on photos, which can affect the overall look. To minimise on this happening, apply some shine spray before you have the photo taken. The shine will be picked up perfectly by the flash so you can enjoy having stunning, healthy looking hair on the photograph.

  1. Avoiding red-eye: Red-eye is a common problem that affects many people when they have their photos taken. The remedy for this is surprisingly simple. Just before you have your photo taken, look towards a light. This will then shrink the pupils, which means you are less likely to get red-eye.

  1. Get the right angle: Avoid facing the camera full on when the photo is being taken, as this can sometimes look very unflattering. Instead, try to face it at a slight angle, as this can help to add depth and is often far more flattering.

  1. Have your photo taken in front of a light background: If you want to ensure your face is bright and balanced on the photo, standing against a pale background such as white can be very helpful. This is why passport photo booths use a white background, as this makes your face stand out far more clearly.

  1. Opt for natural light: If you stand under bright artificial light, the shadows from it can affect your appearance on the photograph. So, wherever possible try to stand in natural light, as this will help to ensure a far better result. You will be able to benefit from soft natural light rather than harsh artificial lighting.

  1. Use blusher: Some people tend to look bland and two dimensional on photos. If this sounds like you, make sure you use blusher before the photo is taken. Adding some blusher will help to add depth to your features, which will have a positive impact on the overall result. It will also help to add shape to your face, which will look more flattering in your photo.

With many different ways to improve your look on photos, you need never worry about your appearance on photographs again. Of course, there will always be those where you are snapped unexpectedly and could not prepare, but even the most stunning people have their bad days when it comes to having photos taken.

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