4 Classic Cocktails That Will Assert Your Urbane Status

There is a saying that every gentleman or lady must know their drink. It is not fashionable to tell the bar-man, “I’ll have what he (or she) is having.” You should have your own brand of excitement by now, unless of course, you are a teetotaller.

If you ever find yourself in a fancy casino, try some of the best casino cocktails. In fact, see it as an opportunity to test if they are really as exclusive as they claim to be. A classic cocktail menu never lies.

No doubt, the modern cocktail scene is filled with amazing drinks that will impress the pickiest palate. But there is something sophisticated about the old mixes.

The following classic cocktails will assert your style any day.

  1. A Dry Martini

Her majesty’s secret service, agent 007 is as classy as they come, even though he doesn’t hesitate to put up a good fight when the occasion calls for it. So, when it is time to kick back and relax, a dry martini is his drink of choice. A true dry martini is a mixture of gin and dry vermouth with a dash of bitters and a lemon twist to garnish the taste.

Remember, it is better to have it shaken and not stirred. Why? Because, stirring your martini increases melts the ice faster and also makes its cloudy. Two things real martini drinkers dislike.

  1. The Old Fashioned

To experience the ur-cocktail or you if have a taste for delicious liquor, the Old Fashioned is your best bet. In the past, its original mixture called for spirits of different kinds. However, you can still make a sweet Old Fashioned from whiskey, as well as mezcal, brandy, tequila, rum and to a minor extent, gin or aquavit.

The good thing about Old Fashioned is its simplicity. You don’t even have to be in an actual casino to enjoy it. If you are playing an online casino in your study, whip yourself a glass. I have been desperate enough to make one using vodka. Though I’ll advise you to stick to the richly flavoured spirits.

  1. A Manhattan

The Manhattan is always a cocktail lover’s favourite. Almost everybody’s grandmother and her best friend love it. While you can choose to be flexible with your Martini or Old Fashioned, mixing an OF with rhumAgricole or mezcal, Manhattans are best enjoyed with strong bourbons. Use a powerful rye-heavy mashbill, or rye to start with.

You can have it mixed perfect (half dry, half sweet vermouth) or altogether sweet, but never a dry Manhattan. Not unless you want to break age-old customs.

  1. Brooklyn

The Brooklyn may be considered as a variation of the Manhattan that broke out successfully into a cocktail family of its own. It uses the formula of a perfect Manhattan which consists of bourbon or rye, sweet vermouth or dry vermouth. To add some style, the Brooklyn substitutes the sweet for a mixture of amaro and maraschino liqueur.

Traditionally, it called for AmerPicon which is quite rare in some states, but a Ramazotti can be adapted in place of Picon.

When next you are playing blackjack or trying for nines at the roulette table, consider ordering any of these drinks to channel your inner suave.

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