INTERVIEW: Mountain Bird

Hi Adam, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi guys! I’m great thank you! Right now sitting and working with admin stuff at my favorite café “Non Solo” close to where I live, coffee is good, sun is out and I’m looking forward to the future!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Cliche”?

It came about when this great singer “Autrey” talked with my label and then they connected us. We started talking right away and it was meant for her to sing on a track called “better” at first. Then I sat alone one night and had so much vibe so I made a completely new demo and sent it over to “Autrey”, she instantly fell in love with the track and we decided to start writing on that instead! It was fresh for me as well so it made the process more inspirational!

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

I’ve listened a lot to an electronic act called “Louis and the child” and instantly fell in love with the drop in that song, how they made it sound “ugly with style” and just one synth but still powerful. Also I love the word Cliché so we sent ideas back and forth to each other and came up with the core of the song pretty fast!

Any plans to release a video for the single?

It’s sometimes hard to be an upcoming producer without any major label since there’s no cash in anything; mostly everything is done by heart and pure love for the product. So therefore there might not be a fully fledged production as we’ve released before BUT we’re going to record it when I play it live soon after the summer! (Exciting indeed)

How was the recording and writing process?

It went quite fast to be honest; most of my things that I decide to keep goes off pretty fast without any kind of overthinking. It’s often better to write with a featuring artist because you boost each other about the song and often end up with something different than if you would’ve wrote it completely on your own. Which I also enjoy, I think it’s just different kind of periods of my life and right now it’s the sounds that inspires me the most. So hello 2017, we just sent ideas recorded through the iphone back and forth through facebook and I just cut everything up and placed it right to get a finished product.

What was it like to work with Emily Autrey and what did she brought up to the table?

Super fun! I really got vibe when I heard her voice, it feels honest and real and that’s the kind of voices I really love. When it feels like someone is sitting next to you in a bedroom telling you a story. We’re working on even more and even stronger material in this very moment! Got a really hard beat with her topline on it that will be released somewhere in the future that I literally think is the best thing I’ve put together ever. That feeling when it just clicks with someone is the best. You gotta hold on to those kind of people. So yeah, thanks Emily (autrey).

What role does Stockholm plays on the writing?

I’ve been living here all my life so it’s hard to compare it to another city but there’s like studios everywhere and all my friends are all super talented producers and songwriters. So I guess it brings me “Inspirational competition”. It’s like I can’t be lazy for a week because all my friends are sending me sketches of new songs all the time and we give each other advice and wants us all to succeed. Everyone are having gigs at different venues and everyone look out for eachother. Like a perfect team, I realized this in this very moment! Wow, Stockholm is everything haha!

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

It does! Got a new EP that is coming out after the summer as well as a bunch of cool remixes for both “flora Cash” and “Tingsek” and maybe a really huge artist, but I can’t tell you about that right now hehe…

I’m already working with more songs after the EP. Always working, like a slow tank.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

The EP is done and it will be called “Cubism”, it’s the first time I’ve said this, hope my team doesn’t kill me now haha! We will build something that resembles to that to my life performance as well…

it will be released after the summer together with at least 3 exciting remixes! Can’t wait to be honest!

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes! I can’t tell you exactly right now but we have big plans! This fall we’re going to record some live sessions as well as a big festival in august. I’m rehearsing for that right now and trying to get my head around ableton live. What a fantastic program that is! To play you electronic music just like a live instrument. Every gig will be and sound a little different. And if the audience are hot I could make parts longer and improvise on the fly.

I will also include a couple of live instruments and guest artist. Like the perfect mixture between Mura Masa and Flume.

What else is happening next in Mountain Bird’s world?

Working really hard on getting a couple of remixes done and released to strengthen the brand as a producer and not just an artist. I want people to see Mountain Bird as a producer that goes live that uses creative sounds to spellbound the audience. As well as the EP release and even more singles after that. Really looking forward to playing this live and for the first time by myself without a band to strengthen the brand as a producer even further!

Hopefullly 2018 will bring us some exciting showcase-gigs as well, so if South by southwest, BBC Introducing or By-Larm see this, give me a call wont you!

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