May Now You See Me 3 save a once awesome movie?

As everything in live, the title alone would raise some divisions between readers. Personally, when the first film on the trilogy (or franchise perhaps?) came to my local theaters I didn’t pay too much attention. I believe, if not mistaken, it was one of those movies I watched because there wasn’t any other better flick for me to watch, so I went in with little to none expectations – as probably y’all may know by now, it was just incredible. A few very bunch of people claimed to have seen the plot twist miles away, but I didn’t (let’s just say I was worried less about a twist and more enjoying the heist extravaganza) and so my surprise was genuine.

A few years went by and we get the second installment, we lose both one of the stars of the film as well as its director from action director Louis Leterrier to mostly musical filmmaker John M. Chu – that right there got me a bit worried to be honest- but with the return of the original screenwriter Ed Solomon there was a big chance we would be getting more awesome action scenes and choreography, illusions and more. The result, though, was mostly mixed if not negative. Personally I still loved this film, there were a few flaws here and there but for me, the magic tricks and illusions were pretty good. Not so outstanding as in the original, but they get to fool me once again, plus the ending kept me wanting for more.

Luckily, there has been an announcement last year we would actually get a third part. John is once again coming back as well as most of the cast though there has been some more changes as they are bringing a new writing staff so that might actually be a good news. What new stuff can we expect though? Would they go fully on Oceans 11 and robbed a Casino or something smaller as a bingo place (though I heard money these days are on the mobile bingo sites rather than physical places? or even a bank? It seems unlikely, but one thing I’ve learned from that film is that there might not be any boundaries for when the Four Horsemen might bring up their chaos.

So what are your thoughts? Are you looking for the next film? Let us know in the comments below!

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