INTERVIEW: Psych-Rock Band Needle Points

1.) Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

I’m currently laying down in the back of our tour van answering these questions, so I’d say I’m living well!

2.) How is your ‘Yin Yang Eyes’ tour going? Any particular highlights or notable stories so far?  

We kind just started it, but our hometown show at Ortlieb’s in Philly was great! It was our last Philly show for the foreseeable future – tons of people came out and we played with great bands like our buds Throbbing Chakra and Post Animal.  Definitely a highlight of Needle Points’ career.

Last year you went on a month-long national tour with mewithoutyou. Those guys have been on the scene for a while now. Did you learn anything from them about what to do or what not to do when touring? What was that experience like?

mewithoutYou is the fucking best! They were so amazing to take us on tour, and they treated us really well.  Their guitarist Beaver actually gave us a really nice compliment and said that we were good at touring.  I guess all it really takes to stand out is to get to places on time and be efficient setting up and breaking down.  They are so pro on stage. Seeing them every night was definitely inspirational.

3.) You’re currently touring in support of your album Feel Young. Can you tell us more about the albums opening song “Corazon”? Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

That song was actually written before the lyrics were, and the place holder lyrics involved something about Cortizone.  I think we were like, we can’t have a song about gross medical cream.  Corazon was definitely a smarter choice…. I think?  In other words, the song was inspired by old people in commericals.

4.) Your video for ”Corazon” is pretty wild! Lots of bold colors, and crazy imagery. Seems like it was a ton of fun to make. Can you tell me a bit about the production of that video?

Our friends Vince, Jenny, and Raymo made it (Fo Sho & Tell).  They are amazing.  The concept was all them – they tried to fit it to our vibe, and we think they did an amazing job! We’d love to work with them again some day!

5.) “Corazon” comes off your latest album Feel Young – what’s the story behind the title?

Haha! See question 3!

6.) With Feel Young, what aspect(s) of youth were you trying to explore?

You know when you’re young and you can eat whatever and drink as much as you want and still feel good and have fun? I think we’re still trying to feel that even though we are mostly unsuccessful.

7.) Tell us about the recording and writing process of Feel Young, and what it was like to work with Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog?

Scottman was amazing to work with.  He played guitar and keyboard and drone box on the record, and he improvises his parts and solos (he plays the guitar solo on Corazon) on the spot.  Truly an amazing musician.  If you ever get the opportunity to work with him, don’t hesitate! You’ll be in great hands.  We gave him a lab coat on the first day and called him Dr. Scoot.

8.) Has working with Scott of Dr. Dog influenced your music in anyway? Any plans to collaborate with him again?

Well we only had one guitarist at the time we recorded Feel Young so we realized that we needed a second person to play his parts live.  So that definitely changed who we were as a band.  We went from writing essentially 3 instrument songs to more complicated arrangements.  Working with Scott forced us to take our songs to the next level.

9.) You guys are from Philadelphia. Does the ‘city of brotherly love’ play a role in your writing or inspire your creativity in anyway?

Philly is a very supportive city.  Our first show was really well-attended and set the stage for us to have a really great time making music there.  It’s really easy to find creative and inspiring folks to work with, and they’re usually not looking for projects just for money.  People there really love their art, and you can still be poor in Philly and live comfortably which is really important for the music scene (and us).

10.) What else is happening in the world of Needle Points? Any new music in the works or projects that we should be aware of?

So we just decided about a week ago that this is most likely going to be our last tour.  Our Colin & Dani (Vocal & Percussion respectively) are moving to Los Angeles next month, and we are feeling like we can’t make that distance work at least right now.  So we’ll see how we feel in the future… and definitely keep an eye out for new projects from the NP crew!

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