INTERVIEW: Bryan Stave

Hi Bryan, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

-Well, thanks very much! I appreciate you taking the time. I’m doing well…just living in Nashville and chasing the music dream like everybody else here.

I understand you have been really into sports – what made you want to seek for a career in music instead?

-Yep, I have a brother who’s just over a year younger than me so we grew up constantly competing in all sports but specifically basketball and football.  Clearly, he ended up on top in that area as he’s now a quarterback in the NFL, but until he was about 16, I owned him.  I basketball was always my biggest sport.  I played through high school and coached high school ball for several years in college and spent my summers working different universities’ basketball camps across the country.  Those summers on the road are really where I discovered my passion for music and would play guitar, sing, and write every day between camp sessions or on travel days.  I guess you could classify that as my first nationwide tour which just happened to set a record low for ticket sales 😉

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Monday Song”?

-Sure!  Monday Song is an upbeat, feel-good tune about putting off responsibilities and spending the day laying around with your lady.  Not a ton of deep, intellectual substance in this one but not all music needs to be super heady…sometimes a song to brighten your mood is all you’re looking for.  I’m a huge fan of reggae music so that’s how I tried to structure Monday Song to give off that happy, island vibe.

Did any event, in particular, inspire you to write this song?

-Oddly enough, a blizzard!  I was in Milwaukee spending some time with my family this past December and we got about 14 inches of snow I spent all day running in and out shoveling the driveway to keep it from piling up.  When the snow slowed a bit, I went to the basement to write a song that would take me out of the cold and make me feel like I was in the Caribbean and Monday Song is what came out!

Any plans to release a video for the single?

-Yes! We’re working on it now and are planning for the release in late June.

How was the recording and writing process?

-It was fun!  I wrote most of the album during the fall as I was driving around the country checking out potential new homes and worked with Christian Davis (Sony) and Kyle VandeKerkhoff (Interscope) on producing my first three tunes this spring.

What role does Nashville play in your music?

-At this point, it’s not a huge factor since I’ve only been here for a couple of months but I’m really excited to continue meeting songwriters and musicians to collaborate with.  Much of my time so far has been spent working on production, writing new material, and getting the infrastructure set for promotion, but I have gotten out to see a number of shows which have been absolutely fantastic!  Nashville also has a tremendous number of parks and hiking trails which are some of my favorite places to write lyrics so that’s been a great surprise!

How’s your new album coming along?

-It’s going well.  The whole album is written but only the first three songs are fully produced so I’m working on raising funding to finish the project.  I’m getting a Kickstarter going (which will be linked on my website) for around the same time the video is released so if that’s successful, I’ll be able to get the whole project finished up reasonable soon.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

-I have the tentative dates for the second single, Shiny Toys, set in mid-June and the third single, Chasing Platinum, in mid-July but nothing defined yet for the rest of the album.  I’ve also got some ideas for the album name but nothing set in stone yet.

Any plans to hit the road?

-I can’t wait to but the first priority is getting my stuff out there so people will come see me play!  I’m looking at 2017 as a building year and 2018 as one to be out on the road!

What else is happening next in Bryan Stave’s world?

-My focus for the foreseeable future is to do everything I can to get my music heard by as many folks as possible.  The promotion aspect along with recording the rest of the album are where I’m planning to put most of my effort for the rest of 2017.  Throw in some writers round performances at local venues, collaboration with other writers on new material, and as many weekend camping trips as possible and that’ll be my year!

Check out “Monday Song” here –

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