How to Get Rid of Gambling Addiction

This topic is very serious and can be destructive for everyone familiar with the subject. It can turn your life into a nightmare and you can’t wake up. You will feel something like depression, anxiety, and similar things. The first step of overcoming the addiction is admitting it. After doing that, it will be easier to get over it. It can be anyone’s problem, not just yours. This addiction doesn’t have time to waste, it attacks anyone, and everywhere. Mental instability is the most common sign, and it can last for years and years. To show you how dangerous this is we will count the research done on this subject. Gamblers are number one in the list that is more likely to commit suicide than other addicts.

Quit Gambling

When you see signs of gambling addiction, you should immediately quit it. Do not hesitate just leave it as it is, and go. Don’t be conducted on signs like “300+ free slots offered with no download and no registration required”. I know it is easier said than done, and you also should be aware of that. Reconcile to the fact that you are never going to touch the machine again. Repeat in your head that it is a bad thing again and again.

Get Rid of It Once and for All

You should pay attention to this particular part of the article. Read it from word to word because it will help anyone who has this problem. It will save your life and help you continue it. Do you remember how it was before you started gambling? This will help you get back in the saddle.

  •   Join a support group – do not be afraid to ask for help, as soon as you admit it take a step further and join a group. There are groups with a 12-step program, they work individually and in groups.

  •   Plan your day – this is one of the hardest things when it comes to G.A. According to ex-gamblers they tried to fill the day with slot machines. This is simply because they were bored, so plan your day ahead. There are more, better ways to spend your day.

  •   Find a new hobby – rekindle old hobbies that will give you some point in your life. If you didn’t have it think of one, find what you’re good at. Replace it completely, it will be healthier and you will start to feel great.

  •   Cope with stress – stress is a major obstacle in gambling recovery. Find a new way to cope with stress. Find what works for you best; meditate, talk to someone, exercise …

  •   Avoid the challenge – this is the other thing that is considered to be the hardest when you try to get rid of addiction. Let’s say you are with your friends, and they have tickets to a horse racing, or basketball game, or football match. Don’t go there, avoid these events in a big circle. If you have been an ex-sports gambler, then these events will be tempting to you.

  •   Keep in mind that gambling is losing – the base of the problem is this. Exactly what you need to keep in mind is that when you bet, you lose. No matter what strategy you are using, you will lose. Remind yourself over and over again that you can’t stop once you start.

  •   Make a decision – first in the morning when you wake up, decide that you will not gamble today. Don’t cheat, even if it is necessary to remind yourself every hour. Just keep the promise for a whole day. Do not enter the casino or download online apps, consider this forbidden for you.

  •   Environment – you are wondering what difference it makes? The answer is huge. We are back at the top of our problem. Once again avoid people that will draw you into gambling.

  •   Educate yourself about the problem – try to find material on the web, read books, articles, everything to educate yourself about the disease. First of all, find out what type of gambler you are. Look for the things that make you gamble, what makes you go to the casino. When you read about this, you raise awareness of the addiction.

You should know that this is not enough for you to quit gambling. It is not that easy as you would expect it to be. Try to follow these steps and remind yourself that gambling is not a good thing. Keep working on your personality, stress relief and things like that. It is not something that you should be ashamed of.

Road to Recovery

When you decide to take a step and stop risking your life, you will have many difficulties. The steamy road is ahead of you, and you may find yourself wandering into the dark. Everyone has its own road, and with someone, that road is easier. Someone has to go alone through that road to get rid of it. For someone, the group is the place where he or she needs to be.

Many addicts said that everything started when they were young. At first, it all started as a fun, and later it began as a habit. So, if you are finding yourself in these examples, then it is time to ask for help or make a plan on quitting. Remember how it was before, if not for yourself, do it for your family. Think about them before you enter the casino next time.

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