INTERVIEW: Highland Kites

Can you talk to us more about your song “I’m Not Weak”?

This song is really a culmination of my thoughts on life and what I’ve been through the last 4-5 years. It’s an attempt to gather my thoughts, make sense of things and use what I’ve been through to be a stronger person.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

There is a particular relationship that prompted me to start writing this song, but by the end of it, it really became a symbol of the last few years of my life, the conclusions I’ve come to and how I’ve processed my experiences.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

Yes! We will be releasing a music video at our release show on the 29th of July in LA.

Why naming the album after this track in particular?

I really felt it represented the overall statement of the EP. I feel stronger because of what I have been though, I know  who I am as a person and feel hopeful for the future.

How was the recording and writing process?

I actually brought this song to Neil (drummer) and played it for him on guitar. It was very stripped down with a lot of open space. I told him that I didn’t want to keep it, I thought that maybe the contrast of dark and light was too severe in the song. He insisted that it was worth keeping and we just kept working on it until it really blossomed and turned into something pretty special. Alex brought in the heavy guitar part in the pre-chorus as well which really brought out the anger I was feeling in that moment.

What made and led you want to write your most honest record to date?

It’s what I needed at this stage in my life. When writing these songs I really looked at how I felt about various pieces of my life that have been difficult for me to talk about, and just went ahead and wrote down everything, unfiltered. It was therapeutic, honest and difficult but in the end I feel it created something special and real. For me, music that is completely honest moves and inspires me. I hope my art does that for someone. I want to be there for people, be a voice for someone who doesn’t have one or feels they can’t quite say what they feel, or be understood. Music has always done that for me and it’s important to me that I give back in that way with my art. When I am writing a song it’s all about the moment, the experience I went through and making sure the music really represent that. Once that is done it’s all about what the song can do for someone else.

How has the inception of two new members has influence the band’s sound?

Neil and I have been a team for a long time now. What we have just works. The band brings an element that I wouldn’t be able to bring by just working on my own. It adds layers to the emotion and feel of the music. That is always how I envisioned my music, not as stripped down and solo but with layers and dynamic that results from a collaboration of minds. Our producer, Raymond Richards has a huge part is this process as well.

What aspect of pain and triumph and your own personal life did you get to explore on this record?

This EP dives into a lot of painful experiences and emotions, but ultimately ends in a resolution of not being weak, of accepting that I know who I am and where I am going from here. To be honest these realizations, resolutions and putting together pieces of what happened in my life will probably continue to be represented in my songs for a while. But this set of songs is really about finding myself and accepting what happened, and finally breathing in and moving forward.

Any plans to hit the road?

Yes! Right now the plan is to do a Pacific Northwest tour in August.

What else is happening next in Highland Kites’ world?

We are filming a video for this song in 3 weeks, planning our release show, planning a tour and putting together some really unique custom merchandise based around the lyrics of the songs that I think people will really love. So, lots of exciting this happening. 🙂

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