A Fresh New Take On Gambling Movies: Ocean 8 set to redeem the whole All-Female Cast Controversy After Ghostbuster “fiasco”

So in this of changes, we’ve seen how hot topics have been making the headlines not only on the news, but on films and TV. All the way from the somewhat controversial Dear White People Netflix series to Hulu’sThe Handmaid’s Tale, it seems like our generation feels every day an urge to take on the themes from racism, sexual identity to oppression towards a specific gender, among others – sometimes it works, sometimes it feels like they are becoming what they claim they hate the most: preachers with a shovel who wants to dig into your brain and place their own ideas into your brain at any cost, no room for you to negotiate nor refuse.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody when I say we’re living in a reboot/remakes fatigue era as well, even though there’s an incredible group of young filmmakers writing and producing these amazing, mostly original films – Hollywood doesn’t seems to really notice that much, and when they do they usually take this emerging talents and make them direct, produce or act in one of their many reboots, remakes or franchises with little room to have them create their own original world or bring their own vision. However, Hollywood has recently found a new way to both make lot of money and also continue to support the liberals (in this particular case, feminist) views on things – I am talking on All-Female ensemble cast films.

They tried it last year with Ghostbusters, the film made good box office return and personally I love it, but many males and females fans of the series found this outrageous. Many complained about the whole female cast concept, while others they just simply didn’t want their beloved to be destroy by the greedy hands of Hollywood executives. Few months later, enter Ocean’s8, the new somewhat “feminist” take on a male driven classic heist film that many have come to love, both its original as well as the Steven Sonderberg latest take.

Ocean 8

The cast for this film is genuinely very good, from Academy Award winners Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway among other great comediennes Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter – I really hope they can pull this one out. They really have excuse to do otherwise and I wonder if they will take on whole new concepts within the gambling world. Would any of them happen to be a hacker or something and steal or cheat within the most secure online casino, for example? The place they are looking to take down and steal is not a casino but rather a fundraising event.

At the end, I really hope they can somehow redeem themselves with this flick, I am all down for a female driven film as long as it feels natural and no like someone is pushing an agenda on me or anything. Time will tell…

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the movie will flop or will make their money back or it will become an instant classic as the last two trilogies? Leave your comments below!

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