CD REVIEW: I’m Alright by Downie Streahl

To those or for those who are not in the know, Adult Contemporary or AC is a form of music yes it is a genre, and in short it refers to the more popular forms within the music scene. So for popularity to take effect that has to mean an up-and-comer is included right? Well somewhat right, Downie Streahl’s newest song called “I’m Alright”, is just the right track for the coming summer.

As a matter of fact, “I’m Alright”, is not only adult contemporary worthy, but she takes into account other genres she has addressed to make her own, such as pop rock, country pop, and pop. These genres are of her choosing and why she has used to create this latest addition to her extensive career as a musician. Her music choice as a career does suit her though, as “I’m Alright”, expresses a more toned down effect. The music bringing out more of a country music feel, than pop music, but has that added effeteness’ of pop rock thrown in. It is like if Downie Streahl was mixed in with other artists like Taylor Swift or even Miley Cyrus, both of which engulf their musical tastes within the same genre pool.

So why not take a dip into the pool of “I’m Alright”, why don’t ya. It is a nice track, it sounds slightly similar to that of Miley Cyrus’ newest release “Malibu”, in a way. Both her track and Downie Streahl’s new track have that same working effect of being upbeat, catchy, and straight to the point with the music. Both female artists having their own pipes as far as vocal chords. Downie Streahl’s style is more on the down low, being front and center, directly focused within the music, whereas Miley’s style is more addressed in a “I’m here, look at me” sense.

You see how there is somewhat of a similarity between these artists somehow. As for Taylor Swift she is again right up there alongside Miley, while Downie’s style is more in the middle, being more laid back, easy going, for easy listeners. Her vocal range being mellow, easy to hear, understand the lyrics greatly, with the instrumental work done just right. Like not just right, but downright out there, everything just flows with the effort of the music, it all comes together as the song plays right on through. It makes the song sound more outgoing than it should.

Which is fine, for a song to sound outgoing it makes it much more fun to the ear. That is what happens with “I’m Alright”. It gives off that sensation that brings it all home. Ya know, it is one of those tracks that you could hear at a quiet evening at home, or just being home in general really. Downie Streahl’s style and genre choices, connect her with her type of audience. She has got the skills nailed down and is able to create such moving music it works in more than just one way, which is darn right fine.


by Heather Savage

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