Top 10 reasons why students need help with essay writing

Students in colleges have a great deal of writing essays for their continuous assessment. This includes writing research papers and essays to answer test questions or just a movie essay. However, most teachers marking the essays have admitted that they are not interesting and lack concrete thoughts that can motivate them as they go through large piles of writings. Besides, most students do not enjoy writing essays and the whole experience seems to be a burden. Therefore, there is a great need of offering help to students in regards to essay writing.

  1. Writing help to students is necessary to train them on brainstorming ideas necessary in writing. Brainstorming involves thinking about a topic and developing ideas that fit in the context of the essay topic. Students have challenges of brainstorming ideas that can make their essays look more appealing. One formal way of brainstorming is through the creation of maps. One creates a map with the topic of the essay at the center and then extensions come out with ideas and thoughts about the main topic of discussion. One can also develop a simple list of best topics that are in mind and choose on one that is relevant to the essay.

  2. Essay writing help to students is crucial and necessary to train on outlining the essay skills which is another step to writing. Most students have a challenge in developing good outlines for their essays. Sometimes mixing of introductory remarks, main points and conclusions are as a result of poor outlines. A teacher can create an outline on board and allow students to create the outline together as a class for a certain topic. The outline can include introduction, body, and conclusion.

  3. In addition, paper writing assists them in putting points in the outline into complete thoughts necessary for a continuous writing. Some students might have good points but lack words of constructing meaningful statements in writing essays. They are likely to construct good pieces of writing out of the outlined points if they receive assistance.

  4. Besides, some students have challenges in editing their essays. Help from third parties will assist them to understand the main areas that require editing after completion of writing. Such areas include the content of the essay, grammar, and styles used. The teacher can either help students in editing, edit on their own or exchange papers with other students.

  5. Students need help in essay writing to understand reading skills that apply in multiple areas. This is because most research papers demand multiple sources that students should study, analyze and evaluate their relevance. The teacher, therefore, guides students on reading skills that work best for complex and multiple writing sources.

  6. Assignment assistance for students is crucial to train on plagiarism and Intellectual Property Rights. In the effort to look for sources required in writing, students are likely to copy other people’s work without recognizing them. The issues of plagiarism and intellectual property rights are rampant in research writing and other areas of art such as music industry. Students can, therefore, receive training on how to avoid such situations to maintain ethical skills in research writing.

  7. Closely related to understanding plagiarism and intellectual property rights is the power of attribution. Students need help in writing to develop their power of attribution which involves having in-text citations and also bibliographies. Most of the students in their daily life of social media never encounter citations in tweets, blogs, and other popular media. The help in writing will, therefore, assist in separating research writing from the usual social media.

  8. Help for students in paper writing develops their curiosity levels. Students have a challenge of limited information when it comes to writing essays. However, if teachers assist them in developing ideas, they will be curious to understand more factors related to the subject of discussion. They are in a position to seek more information related to a certain topic and therefore able to answer other complex questions.

  9. Providing assistance helps them develop research mindsets. Research can be defined as finding answers to questions. The problem of writing essays is due to the fact that most students lack the skills in research and hence cannot develop a flow of ideas with reference to other researchers. Teachers will, therefore, offer guidance on good research skills which the students will apply in their work of writing.

  10. Essay writing helps with the development of critical reading skills. Essays offer students with an opportunity to read the work done by other writers who have different perceptions about a specific topic. Guiding students in writing through critical analysis of other works will help students judge another writer in regards to biased, irrelevant or limited information.

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