CD REVIEW: No Rules by Swaylex

Independent multi-instrumental and songwriter Swaylex is taking his music to the digital streets with a confidence born of real skill. His uploads to YouTube have distinguished his playing talents as an unique mix of the individual and fundamentals that stands out in a crowded landscape. He excels on the other instruments, bass and drums, but it’s his guitar work that is the highlight of this instrumental. He keeps the performance brief, but it isn’t any indication of imaginative starvation. There’s honesty and artistry alike about his presentation that won’t just appeal to guitar fans – this is music born from the heart without any regard for commerciality or gaining a mass audience based on anything else but the unfettered utterance of his heart. “No Rules” is the first of three uploads that stand out from the pack and gives clear hints of greatness to come.

Swaylex describes the song as possessing a “… good rhythm and can be… motivational for a game”. His words hit the mark every bit as much as the music. “No Rules” has an appealing slow burn at the beginning, but Swaylex expands on things quick enough, but there’s never a feeling in this song of him rushing things. “No Rules”, despite its title, plays by some pretty traditional rules of rock songwriting, but it has a fresh sound and strong melodic underpinning that Swaylex never loses through the entirety of the tune. He also shows a real skill for building these sort of songs. “No Rules” doesn’t show its hand at once. Instead, he weaves the song together with patience and impeccable timing.

The bass, drums, and rhythm guitar running through the song lay a solid groundwork for the composition and his lead guitar work. The main riff guiding the song has a feel and construction different than anything we’ve heard before while still maintaining a recognizable tone that fans of the guitar and rock music in general will find instantly identifiable. Swaylex has an exceptionally pinpoint touch on the instrument that never feels heavy handed or overwrought – instead, he shows the same patience with his playing that you hear in his songwriting and the combination of these two elements is pivotal for the song’s ultimate success. Young players and writers like this, today and in bygone days, are the lifeblood of our future music. These are the voices with a passion to be heard and though their vehicle for getting the music out there might have changed from live performance and recordings into video presentations on Internet websites, the principle guiding such things has never changed. Swaylex just needs a little over two minutes to capture the listeners’ attention and it’s well worth every second. “No Rules”, on its own, is an impressive number and we are certain to hear more from this promising musician in future months and years.


by Lydia Hillenburg

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