PREMIERE: Jeff Hobbs Releases New Music Video For “Five Nickels and a Hummingbird”

Many Country and Roots artists these days enjoy blending different related and non-related music together in other to create new, interesting sounds. However, others like Jeff Hobbs & The Jacks prefer the old-fashioned, traditional sound and their latest single “Five Nickels and a Hummingbird” shows that you can go on that direction and still put together a great, enjoyable song. Today, Jeff and VENTS have teamed up for the video for this track filled with beautiful landspaces as Hobbs rock the guitar.

Jeff Hobbs - Five Nickels And a Hummingbird

Southern Oklahoma born and raised songwriter Jeff Hobbs writes about life seen through the lens of small town rural America; encompassed with authentic stories inspired by both self experience and observation, Hobbs music mixes folk rock riffs with heart-broken testimonies and gripping yet liberating lyrics of freedom from self, anxiety, guilt and a past that many can relate with in one way of another.  With the album “Upward” out on June 2, a listener can feel a sense of optimism in the wake of loss.

“I’ve got two daughters and they are most important in my life and always will be.  My youngest daughter finally told me to start doing what I had to do to be happy, which was to travel, live and perform music in a way that I never had in the past.  I can’t stay gone from them for too long without having to come back and be a dad which is priority, but when a nine year old sees something missing and tells you to get after it, it makes you listen.   I am trying to make it all about relationships and spreading something positive.”

“Roots music with soul has always been where my heart is” Hobbs says.  “It doesn’t have a genre; it just speaks to the listener.  There is a time and place for everything, I guess.  I say do what you love, listen to what you like and be who you are… just don’t be an ass hole.  It’s just music, but it can be a powerful force.”

Hobbs music has just taken a step in the direction of where he always wanted to be, only time will tell where the story goes from here, but the music shows signs of hope for this singer/songwriter from Oklahoma and his stories told with a smoky, soulful voice and telecaster guitar.

In addition, Jeff sit with the magazine to discuss more about his music, new material and more!


Hi Jeff, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Jeff – I have been great!  Excited for days and weeks to come and hope to enjoy playing some music whenever and wherever we can!

Vents – We are happy to partner with you on the premiere of the video for the song “5 Nichols & a Hummingbird,” can you tell us about your inspiration for the song?

Jeff – The concept started out small. It was just the baritone guitar riff and a chorus, which was reminiscent of a love song. I had trouble with the verses until watching “21 grams” starring Sean Penn.  The movie inspired me to take a different direction with the verses. It takes a more philosophical turn.  “How many lives did we live, how many times did we die?” Is taken from the film.  The movie has a scene at the end where the character that Sean Penn plays is looking back on his life while facing death. The story takes the scientific reality of us losing 21 grams from our bodies when we die and shifts toward a more spiritual awareness of what the character is thinking as he is dying.  He talks about the 21 grams and compares them to other things that weigh the same; five nickels, a hummingbird, a chocolate bar… etc.  The movie is gripping.  So, I played with the words a bit, came up with “5 Nickels and a Hummingbird” for a title, added a bridge that sustained the mood of the guy missing the girl and it was done.

Vents – How did you come up with the concept for the video?

Jeff – We just totally winged it. This is my first video. We didn’t have the band there, so we just shot with me and our friend Courtney Maye, who I think did an amazing job.  The videographer Jake Simmons, is a friend as well and he did great and really captured the feeling of the song with the visual.

Vents – The single comes off your new album Upward  – what’s the story behind the title?

Jeff – Moving upward. Positivity. Optimism. Climbing. The power of attitude. All while coming out of a dark place.

Vents – How was the recording and writing process?

Jeff – Both processes were done over a long time, but not for lack of progress in the studio. I chose to work sporadically over the course of 2 years. I wasn’t touring at the time and just didn’t want to rush it. It was my first time working with Wes Sharon and it was a very comfortable process. Everything made sense. Which is rare.

Vents – What role does growing up in Oklahoma play in your music and songwriter process?We hear a mix of country, Americana and Southern Rock in your songs. What aspect of rural life are you exploring on this record?

Jeff – It certainly is part of who I am, but geography plays less of a role than other factors.  My preference in music has touched all genres (other than some forms of pop, I guess).  I think the artists who affect us the most, along with life experiences mold us the most.

Vents – Any plans to hit the road?

Jeff – That a very big YES, stay tuned for news.

Vents – What are your three must have items when you tour?

Jeff – Running shoes, something to listen to, and pictures of my daughters.

Vents – What else is happening next in Jeff Hobbs’ world?

Jeff – I am a single dad and that’s the most important thing, first and foremost. I have two daughters, I play with some other creative outlets outside of my music. I just finished a novel. I paint a bit, I run a company when I’m not working on my music. I have four dogs, and a new album coming out on June 2 with a tour to follow.  Things are good.

Where can people find you online?

Instagram @jeffhobbs_

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