How New Technologies In Green Energy Reduce Environmental Harm


We have been focusing time and research on how to harness greener forms of energy for quite some time, but unfortunately the progress we have made is sometimes followed by extra damage caused by the very technology used in our equipment. Using destructive technologies in order to harness green energy so we can be less destructive in our use of resources is something which might make the entire thing a futile effort.

Fortunately, the introduction of linear actuators into the technological sphere is something which is mitigating the concerns over destructive technologies – actuators, particularly feedback actuators, are incredibly useful for creating new technology to harness green energy which does not leave its own mark on the earth.


There are a number of areas where the use of new technologies is making energy collection more efficient and green in itself:

Wind power is particularly significant in the search for greener energy, both because it is environmentally friendly in and of itself, and because the collected energy can be used in a variety of different applications, both industrial and domestic. Linear actuators help in wind power because they offer a greater degree of control than was previously allowed by the technology involved, because of the way the actuator is constructed.

Solar power is popular among many people, though unfortunately it can cost quite a lot of money to gather using conventional technology. Fortunately the inclusion of linear actuators in the design of solar panels (used to move them around in order to get the maximum amount of sunlight) has reduced the costs involved in gathering this energy. Solar power is preferred by heavy industry because there is a lack of maintenance involved in the technology, as well as the set-up as a whole being cost effective.

Wave power, or hydropower, is unusual in that the actuator is not involved in the gathering of energy itself, but in the turbines which power the technology. Wave power is more useful for domestic use, as it is a highly cost-efficient way of gaining energy, particularly when it involve actuators, which drives down the price.

Tidal power is often confused for wave power, but it is not the same thing. Where wave power harnesses water for energy, tidal power is focused on the movement of tides specifically. The technology used in tidal power can be directly compared to the technology which powers and moves rotary blades in helicopters, and actuators therefore can play a significant role in improving the output of those blades by making them more accurate.

Geothermal power is another form of energy which can be found in either domestic or industrial uses, as the way it is gathered makes it cost effective for both. Linear actuators can be used in many different ways during the process of gathering this energy, which in turn makes the entire process more efficient because of the level of precision which can now be used.

Drilling is another form of energy gathering where linear actuators truly bring it into a greener and energy efficient arena. Drilling is something is normally used in industrial applications, due to the high cost involved, but linear actuators seem set to bring that cost down in the future. Using actuators in drilling can be done in several ways, though the most common method is to incorporate it directly into the mechanism, to make it stronger.

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