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sumthin sumthin Makes His Debut On Quality Goods Records

This week marks another new release on bass artist UZ’s label Quality Goods Records, and it’s a seriously stunning listen. The “Afterglow” EP is brought to attention by sumthin sumthin, and it’s his debut piece of work for the label. Comprising of four tracks, this release will certainly catch your attention with its dazzling attention to detail.

“Lotus” is the opener, and filled with intricate rhythms, it serves as a bold introduction to the rest of the tracklist. “Pink” then cools things right down –  a hazy electronic cut, mere murmurs of vocals sit amidst a disjointed melody and surreal vibes. We love the powerful energy of “Hollow,” before “Moves” ft. MC Snowy rouses the EP to a strong, dynamic finish.

If you’re feeling this, grab “Afterglow” in full here. 

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