Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Chris Perrin: Vocals/Guitar

Hey VENTS, thanks for having us! We’ve been busy, really busy – our debut EP is finally ready and all our hard work over the last year has resulted in a crazy couple of months. We’re really excited, and really looking forward to getting out there.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Geraldine”?

Geraldine is the lead track from our debut EP, it’ll be people’s first introduction to FAINITES. It’s a pretty accurate snapshot of where we are musically right now. The song itself was written really quickly, a couple of hours max. I had the music down, but was still toying around with different lyrical angles – and then I read about what happened to Geraldine Largay. I knew at that point I wanted to tell her story through the song.

What’s the story behind the video for the track?

Geraldine Largay went missing in 2013, whilst on an Appalachian trail. She had gotten lost, and managed to survive 26 days alone in the wild, but eventually died alone in her tent, surrounded by goodbye letters she had written for her loved ones. Her body wasn’t found for over 2 years.

We wanted the video to pay homage to her story…so the basic concept is the 4 of us lost in the woods, but eventually finding each other and being reunited – that part is representative of Geraldine’s body finally being found and being brought back home to rest.

The single comes off your debut EP Battle Scars – what’s the inspiration behind the title?

FAINITES is a fresh start for all 4 members. We’ve all been in bands in the past, we’ve all had amazing journeys to get here, but we all carry the scars from those journeys. The highs and the lows. Music, and being musically creative, is both a blessing and a curse…it can lift you high above your trouble or it can bring the trouble right to your core. Battle Scars is about wearing those scars with pride.

How was the recording and writing process?

We’ve got a great writing process – really natural and fluid. I’ll usually bring the blueprint of a song to the band, and we build on that. We respect each other enough to listen, and that respect brings out the best in the song. Recording wise, we come at it from a DIY angle. We have a great local studio ( where we go to lay down the drum tracks, and we take those drum tracks back to my own studio where we add everything else – bass, guitars, vocals etc. It’s been working really well so far – the Battle Scars EP was recorded this way.

Are you often inspired by news stories or human interest stories in your songs and lyrics? Or is more personal and unique to your experience?

I’ve always written from personal experience – writing/performing is very therapeutic for me, so I feel more connected to the song if it’s channeled that way. Having said that, Geraldine is the first song where I’ve explored singing from the viewpoint of someone else… her story moved me so much. I’ve never been lost like she was, but I felt empathy with the sadness she must have been carrying, the sense of loss she must have been going through.

Any plans to hit the road?

For sure. Being so new, we’ve only played a handful of dates so far…but we’ve got some great shows coming up on the calendar this summer, and are looking to put together a UK tour later this year, hopefully in support of our 2nd EP release

What else is happening next in Fainites’ world?

We’ll be working on promoting the Battle Scars EP over the next few weeks, but we’re already working on new songs for what will be our 2nd EP. Right now we just want to get out and play to people… make friends, make music. We’re hungry for it.

Watch here

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