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Pic by Emily Dubin

AS = Andrew Scott

BI = Bob Iacono

Hi OhBree, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

AS – Just Peachy! Peachy af! Thanks for asking!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Tiny Tethers”?

AS – “Tiny Tethers” is one of my favorite tracks from the new album. It’s sung from the perspective of a character named Edward (from our first album We Miss You Edward, Come Home). He is basically just listing off all the things done wrong to him by a man named Olsson Culliver. The tethers are the only thing keeping him grounded – the only things he  has to hold on to. All of this is going to make a lot more sense in the context of a bigger story we’ll be releasing in the future =]

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

AS – Edward had been hinted at after our first album, but hadn’t really gotten a full song since then. I felt like it was time to bring back some old characters and give them new life on a new record. I brought Edward back for this track – I also brought back the characters John and Janey who were my other two favorites from the first record!

Any plans to release a video for the single?

AS – We don’t currently have plans for a “Tiny Tethers” video, but we are working on videos for a couple other tracks. One is going to be a little creepy and dreamlike, the other is stop motion animation. It’s been a real adventure learning how to do all this stuff on our own!

The single comes off your new album Burn Bridges, Burn Pies – what’s the story behind the title?

AS – The title is actually a line of lyrics from our song “Square Boxes, Square Thoughts”. We thought it really encapsulated the mood of the album. It starts off a little more sinister and then finishes with something goofy. It sounds like the mood that we’ve been shooting for over the past 3 LP’s.

Would you call this a conceptual album?

AS – A very very loose concept album! There is definitely a story that follows all of our records, however, it only comes through in bits and pieces randomly across our discography. Things aren’t necessarily in chronological order, and some songs have more to say than others. This new album is the cement for our story. It brings together some characters and plots that weren’t fully formed before.

How was the recording and writing process?

AS – Grueling. The writing process was not too bad, but a lot of the songs came in bits and pieces. We ended up taking 20-25 demos and smashing them together into 13 tracks. After that, we had to record all the rhythm, leads, vocals, horns, and tons of auxiliary percussion. It was fun, but when you start pushing 100+ tracks on ProTools things get a little stressful, haha.

How has your theater background influenced you as an artist?

AS – The first ensembles I really enjoyed being part of were pit orchestras. In middle and high school I played guitar for all the theater productions. It encouraged me to study jazz guitar, and eventually made a big impact on the style of my writing. I love the big band sound, and try to create horn arrangements that mimic some of the motifs found in theater music.

What role does Monty Python play in your music?

AS – I always felt like Monty Python’s genre of humor lent itself to music incredibly well. I think they could write a song without vocals and you would still laugh the same way you do at their jokes. I find them to be the definition of “silly” and that same sense of silliness is what I shoot for in OhBree’s humorous side – whether it’s slide whistles and sirens or goofy wordplay.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

AS – I love to make up characters and tell stories. I find myself creating a character and then I try to sit in their shoes when I’m writing. Of course, sometimes these songs just come about because there’s a single phrase I need to write. On our second LP, I wrote the song “Salt” because I really wanted to start a tune off with “Salt you dirty bastard…”. On this new album, I wrote “Tiny Tethers” because I really wanted to yell “Olsson Culliver Took My Life” for some reason. Just felt like something I, and hopefully other people, would enjoy yelling. I think it’s cathartic in a way, hah.

Any plans to hit the road?

BI – Right now we’ve got a few shows planned outside of Philadelphia for the next few months.  We’re playing the “Some Kind Of Jam” festival in northern Pennsylvania on April 28th.  Towards the end of May we’ve got a show at Piano’s in New York (5/18), and then a show in Kearney, New Jersey(5/20).

What else is happening next in OhBree’s world?

BI – We’re working on an interactive story game that will release around the same time as our album, which is going to explore some of the stories we’ve told through our music.  It’s been a big undertaking, but I’m very excited about how it’s turning out so far.  In addition to that, we’re also working on a few music videos, so there’s going to be no shortage of OhBree content in the next few months.

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