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SINGLE REVIEW: Work for It by Spayyzee

Spayyzee is ready. Everything about his latest single, “Work For It”, suggests that this twenty year old burgeoning hip hop superstar is ready to work for any success he craves. The message behind this four minute track is far removed from the mainstream hip hop world’s concerns about things like status, strength, and sex – instead, this is about the head held high defiance to the way things are done anyone who wants to achieve their dreams needs to possess. Spayyzee sounds indefatigable. The production clarity and tough-minded rhythms are a great contrast to Spayyzee’s message, but the competing elements merge into a seamless presentation that belies Spayyzee’s young age. “Work for It” has the seasoning and compelling focus of a performer much older than twenty, but it likewise surges with the vitality and youthfulness we expect from a performer in the early years of their career.

You can hear it in every line. You can, likewise, hear it in every line from his vocal partner DC Steez. Spayyzee has a rough and tumble vocal tone, scratchy without ever being unlistenable, and the calm authority of someone who’s lived out the song’s lessons and emerged stronger from the experience. His vocal partner on the track, DC Steez, achieves the same effect while exhibiting a much different sound. His cool vocal tone rolls through the lyric with an intensely rhythmic style that never hints at losing control and he has a knowing air surrounding his words that, like Spayyzee, suggests this performer has learned the same lessons and derived the same value from those moments in his life. They make for a powerful tandem and neither ever rushes things. Instead, these two sound and perform like seasoned artists who know exactly what they want to accomplish and how to take the listener along for the ride.

The lyrics are ripped straight from their lives and don’t pull any punches. The conversational eloquence of the lyrics don’t have a single ounce of excess on them and dive straight into the heart of Spayyzee’s experience. He reaches far beyond his twenty years on this earth and realizes a central fact that anything worth something in life requires hard work and commitment – even something as base as getting high or drunk. This is a lesson in life that many older men and women never realize. The words are a perfect fit for the rhythmic backing track and they arrange things in such a way that it maximizes the value of Spayyzee’s writing. This is a powerful musical experience from the first and the chemistry Spayyzee and DC Steez share has a palpably entertaining quality while still showing great substance. “Work for It” works for every effect it achieves on the listener and has an artistic steadiness that few performers in the genre share. If this is any indication of how good Spayyzee’s forthcoming album is, then hip hop fans are in for a real treat.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Work-Spayyzee/dp/B01LTIBUFU

by Lydia Hillenburg

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